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Cheap storage for your luggage when you visit London via Heathrow Airport

Please note that our storage service is not located at Heathrow Airport airport and is most suitable if you have more baggage and/or are staying longer.

If you're coming in to London's Heathrow Airport and need a cheap storage locker for your luggage while you enjoy your visit - a locker at ABC Selfstore's Wandsworth store located on Garratt Lane in London SW18 could be just what you are after.

Store details : ABC Selfstore Wandsworth

You might be coming to London on holiday, to study, backpacking, vacation, or for business - so why lug your luggage all over town while you are here. Renting one of our self storage lockers can be a lot cheaper than Heathrow Airport left-luggage services and will free you up to enjoy London.

Left-luggage lockers are a self contained space in ABC Selfstore's building full of secure storage units. Available in a range of sizes our storage lockers provide a safe and secure place to keep your baggage, luggage, belongings and business equipment.

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Cheaper than left-luggage storage

Our Wandsworth storage centre is a taxi, car or bus ride away from Heathrow Airport and can often work out much cheaper alternative than any on-site left-luggage services that may be available.

For example*: If you’re a family with 4 bags to store for 5 days - the typical cost of leaving luggage at major London transport hubs can be as much as £8 per bag per day - and five days could easily cost well over £100.

ABC Selfstore lockers - which will take all 4 bags and more - start at less than £2 a day. That could save you £100 on that 5 day stay with 4 bags! If you have more bags or are staying longer then the savings could be even greater.

*Savings quoted are for illustrative purposes and were representative at the time of writing. ABC locker prices vary according to locker size, store location and seasonal demand.

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Our online booking system makes it a doddle to check and book your storage unit near Heathrow Airport. Just enter the details and we'll show you what's available and how much.

You can get a quote with only a contact phone number or email. Tell us whether you'd like the information sent to you by email or text (SMS) and we'll send it straight to you.

There's no obligation once you've reserved either. Billing for your storage agreement won't begin until the day you move into your unit.

Storage price guarantee

Real-time availability and up-to-date prices for storage for Heathrow Airport are available now - direct from the ABC Selfstore Wandsworth store using our online booking system.

With our Price Promise you can be sure you're getting the most competitive prices for storage near Heathrow Airport.

Units on upper floors often cost less than the same square footage on lower floors - worth noting if you're hunting for a storage bargain.

Availability for our most popular units can be limited so get in quick. You can get the very latest self storage deals here on the website.

Why choose ABC Selfstore Wandsworth?

As an independent family owned business we're a refreshing change to large corporate storage companies. We appreciate good customer service and great value ourselves - which is why with ABC you get a whole host of benefits that you won't find anywhere else :

Plus - our customer service is second to none, so you'll find storing with ABC Selfstore a breeze - however long you're with us. Caroline and the team look forward to welcoming you to our Wandsworth store.

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About Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport, also known as London Heathrow, is the major London airport, and is one of the top five busiest airports in the world. It lies at west the edge of London, near to the town of Hounslow, and is connected to London by both the Heathrow Express, which is a dedicated non-stop tube from Heathrow to London Paddington, and also by the Piccadilly line, which serves terminals 1, 2, 3 & 4, along with a tube to Hatton Cross for the maintenance bays of the airport. There are also a number of red-bus connections between the Heathrow terminals and London City.

Heathrow began life as a small aerodrome close to a village known as Heathrow. This village had been settled since the Neolithic period, and there are several earthworks and potential archaeological sites beneath Terminal 3 of the airport. Originally purchased in 1929 as an aerodrome dedicated to test flights, known as Great Western Aerodrome, it was considered to be an ideal place for flying due to the flatness of the surrounding area. Norman Macmillan, who had previously been forced to land in Heathrow Fields, suggested the purchase to Fairey Aviation.

During the Second World War Heathrow was taken over by the Air Ministry, but was mainly used as a stopping-off point for fighter planes. However, notes from the Air Ministry suggest that the government were planning to requisition the airfield, noting its suitability for long-range bombing flights, and possibly because they were planning a long-term creation of a new airport for international flights. By the end of the Second World War Heathrow was in the hands of the government, and a new airport was under construction. The land was never returned to Fairey Aviation, and the owner sought compensation for this appropriation of his lands until 1964.

After the end of the War, Government Ministers continued to encourage the building of the airport on the ground. The land was officially transferred to the civil sector, and in 1946 the Minister for Aviation opened the airport for commercial use. The name originally given to this new construction was simply London Airport.

The runways had been constructed around a Star-of-David design which allowed planes to take off and land no matter what way the wind was blowing, ensuring safety for passengers and crew.

Heathrow Terminal 5, the latest addition to Hearthrow, was opening in 2008.

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Thomas and all the team are very efficient and I was impressed how organised and clean the storage is.


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Great customer service, thanks


5.0 5.0

Great service given by the personnel at the counter for both days of depositing and withdrawing my items. Keep up the great job!


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Exceptionally helpful and friendly. Thanks so much!


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5.0 5.0

A very happy customer and Paul restored my faith in Customer service in this country, that is how to do it. 5 stars!!!!


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