If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your house or flat you might be grappling with the dilemma of what to do with it. On the one hand you could make it into a guest bedroom – so your pals from out-of-town can visit. On the other you might decide it’s just a store room – somewhere to keep your stuff. Or you could plump for a study – particularly if you are at working towards a qualification and need organised workspace. We look at the pros and cons of each and suggest an alternative option…

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Put on your best Jeremy Clarkson voice – because in this blog we’re going to look at the most expensive storage, and storage apparatus… in the world.  Yup. We’ve trawled the internet to bring insight into the priciest places to keep stuff. And it’s surprising just how many are here in England – or ‘Treasure island’ as we’ve heard it is called in other parts of the world. But first, let’s start with Super Yachts… [click to continue…]


Making a Marathon Effort

April 13, 2014

With the marathon season now upon us, many of us are looking forward to the great spectacle which is the London Marathon this weekend. Whether taking part or cheering from the side lines, it’s a fantastic event which raises an enormous amount of money for a whole range of different charities and highlights some inspirational stories of those […]

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Cunning Jewellery Storage

April 10, 2014

In March we blogged about self storage gadgets and mentioned the Spy-bolt, which got a few of you intrigued. So we thought it would be fun to look at other clever ways that people keep the family jewels safe and sound.  As well as suggest a couple of our own. The hidden drawer – a […]

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Day tripping #3: heading out of Southwark this Easter?

April 8, 2014

If you’re itching to get away this Easter – but need some inspiration as to where – you might find the final part of our suggestions for interesting day trips out of London useful. In part 3 of our mini-series, we’ve picked a cracking visitor attraction that’s jam packed with exciting automobile and aeronautical history […]

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Day tripping #2: heading out of Camden this Easter holiday?

April 7, 2014

With summer on the way, and both the economy and the weather picking up – we’ve got a good feeling about the Easter break in 2014. Having consulted our complimentary tea-leaves, we think it is safe to predict that this Easter will be packed with fun. As we’re a London based Self Storage company we […]

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A Beginners Guide to Spring Cleaning

April 6, 2014

The clocks have gone back, the daffodils are out, trees and flowers are budding – so you know what that means – spring is here. It’s time to cue lots of enthusiasm for all sorts of things. Afternoons pottering in the garden, weekends watching the opening rounds of all sorts of summer sports (flat racing, […]

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Airship – clean air for Londoners 

April 1, 2014

London has a bit of a reputation for poor air quality and the European Union is getting a bit shirty about it. So we were excited to be approached to provide self storage for an enterprising new startup called Airship. Airship is a truly innovative idea that promotes healthier city living – or in their own […]

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Day-tripping #1: heading out of Wandsworth this Easter?

March 31, 2014

It’s almost Easter. Which means getting excited about holidays and day trips. We’ve got a hunch that 2014 is going to be the tonic to 4 years of keeping a lid on the costs, that the weather will be better and we’re set for a summer of fun. Being a London based Self Storage company […]

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Watch ‘Kris: Dying to Live’ tonight!

March 26, 2014

People from all walks of life need storage space and some of these self storage customers have incredible stories that they share with us. Our Camden store is particularly renowned for it’s variety in storage customers and one of these, the CoppaFeel! charity is no stranger to letting everyone know all about itself. CoppaFeel! the […]

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