Yo-ho-home (and a bottle of rum)…

by Greg Brina on August 28, 2014

Back in July we looked at 4 of Britain’s most interesting houses. We sailed far and wide across the internet to chart some of the most unusual buildings that people have made their homes. During that voyage a few themes emerged – not least our national obsession with coastal and maritime properties. So here – me hearties – are three of the best and most unusual coastal properties that you’ll find on British shores (or in British waters). And the good news is that you could actually visit them…  [click to continue…]

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Bon Voyage!

by louis.hill on August 22, 2014


Whether it’s for a new job, in search of a warmer climate or simply for a change of scene, moving abroad is one of the biggest moves you can make.

Yet, the extent of success of this once in a lifetime opportunity and your new life abroad often comes down to how well you plan for it. In order for moving abroad to be a smooth affair, there are several important points to consider:

1. Do Your Homework

As obvious as it might sound, do as much online research as you can before you go. By asking questions in online forums, emailing bloggers and connecting with others who have lived there through expat community resources or Twitter, you can glean plenty information about your destination and get a feel for the area.

2. Save Up

Moving abroad costs money – and a lot of it! Consider all the cost implications of moving and living abroad including travel there, visas, rent, living costs, new possessions, transport etc taking into account exchange rates and the tax implications of your move. Ideally, save up as much money as you can before you leave, and don’t assume the costs will be the same as in the UK.

3. Don’t Rush Into Buying Abroad

Consider how long you plan to be there and take time to visit the area and a range of properties nearby. Perhaps it would be wiser to rent and it could be a costly mistake if you make the wrong decision.

4. Check Your Paperwork

And check it twice! Make sure you have all the necessary documents in place before you leave and take copies of important paperwork. Errors and omissions can be costly in terms of time and money and much harder to sort out at the other end.

5. Plan For Your Health

Make sure you are covered in the event of an accident or illness. The rules for accessing healthcare abroad will be different to the UK and so it’s imperative to sort out insurance in advance to avoid an unnecessary bill – before you are ill.

6. Familiarise Yourself With Local Laws and Customs

Failing to do this could see you getting caught out and facing costly or undesirable consequences. Equally, integrating into the local community will play an important role in helping you settle into the new area. Try not to isolate yourself and make an effort to learn the local language.

7. What About My Stuff?

Whether the move is permanent, semi-permanent or only for a short time, a final consideration is what to do with your belongings when moving abroad. With the cost of international shipping, it is nearly always cheaper to put your possessions safely into storage at home and buy new when you arrive.

As storage specialists we can help you in this area and remove the stress of moving abroad. With a huge range of affordable storage units in Camden, Wandsworth and Southwark available for as long or as short a period as you require, you can rest assured that your possessions will be stored safely and securely while you are away.

So, with the right planning and organisation, you can look forward to this new chapter of your life and new adventures of the unknown. Good luck and bon voyage!


Can you work in clutter?

August 21, 2014

Clutter. For a few it’s an unusual form of comfort blanket. To others it is stuff that’s going to have some kind of future use. Whilst for some it’s just too good, or was too expensive to throw away. So we hoard – and as we’ve pointed out before – hoarding can affect us in negative ways. […]

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We are collecting for Camden Foodbank

August 19, 2014

We are very pleased to announce that we will be supporting Camden’s Foodbank by collecting canned and tinned goods at our Camden store on York Way. The Trussell Trust’s Camden foodbank its one of over 380 foodbanks across the UK helping the 13 million people that live below the poverty line in the UK. Hunger is […]

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‘Spare’ Rooms to write home about

August 14, 2014

We often hear the phrase Spare Room. But how many people genuinely have a room spare? If you live in London and have a room you don’t really need, the chances are you’ll be renting it out. Spare implies that it is surplus to requirements and has no purpose. Even the biggest houses rarely have […]

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For and Against : Moving or Improving.

August 11, 2014

It’s a classic conundrum for families that are getting too big for their home.  Do you improve the current property – perhaps by extending or creating a loft room – or do you move to a bigger house? There’s a cost involved in both, along with a great deal of time, planning and stress. It’s also […]

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Tidiness, Taught

August 6, 2014

Some people took our last post – espousing the merits and benefits of being untidy – a little more seriously than was intended. So to reset the scales and bring some common sense perspective to our humble corner of the internet, we decided in this blog entry to focus on bringing kids up properly. No – not the whole of […]

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Untidiness. Tidy.

August 4, 2014

Untidiness. Some of us can live with it, some of us can’t. As you’d expect, there’s no-one round these ‘ere parts who would fall into the can-live-with-it camp. No, really. Honest. Oh OK then, maybe, just a little bit. It’s a typical stereotype, but if you can handle untidiness, chances are other people might perceive you as a tad, […]

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Setting up a Home Library (Shhhhh!)

August 1, 2014

You might think that with the stratospheric rise of tablet computing that physical libraries are becoming a thing of the past. But – as lot of bookworms agree – there’s something far more wholesome and satisfying about indexing through hard copies than there is about tapping a search into iBooks or Amazon and hitting download. Libraries […]

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Gadgets today – antiques tomorrow

July 30, 2014

Who would have thought during the Rubik’s Cube craze of the 1980s that the colourful 3D combination puzzle would one day become a popular collector’s item? And it’s not as though they are rare. As of January 2009, 350 million cubes had been sold worldwide making it the world’s top selling puzzle game. Equally, it’s doubtful that families […]

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