Term Time Holiday Bargains: #3 The UK

by Greg Brina on September 16, 2014

It’s the third and final part of our Term-Time Holiday Bargains series and we’ve decided to focus on the UK. For this one we’ve decided to compare the cost of term-time and non-term time breaks at some of the country’s most well known ‘outdoor recreation’ holiday parks – the type that are less Hi-de-Hi and more Whoa-di-Whoa. The sort of place that you can indulge in all kinds of activities and adventures and try your hand at new things.

As with the previous 2 posts in the series – if you’re in the lucky position that you can travel during term-time you’ll be able to cash in on some huge savings. Or not – depending on who you’re travelling with, when you might even be able to make savings during the school holiday…

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Term Time Holiday Bargains #2: London

by Greg Brina on September 12, 2014

The Invictus Games is in full swing and the spotlight is on some of London’s newest (and thanks to London 2012 legendary) landmarks. That means this weekend thousands of people will be flocking to the capital to experience sport at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park including the Aquatics Centre, the Velodrome (now the Lee Valley Velopark) and the Copper Box. Of course that might mean you’d be harder pushed to find a deal – but fear not – we’ve been looking at ways to save money – just in case you’re getting all hot and excited with an urge to experience London village during term time.

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Making the most of student space

September 11, 2014

As hundreds of thousands of students prepare to head back to university for the start of the new academic year, London continues to be the most popular UK city for students to study. With excellent universities and world class nightlife, there are major benefits of living and studying in London and little surprise that London ranked as […]

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Term Time Holiday Bargains #1: Autumn Sun

September 9, 2014

With holidays in term time costing as little as 1/4 the price of a non-term equivalent it’s no surprise that they are an appealing proposition for families on a budget. In spite of Department of Education policy that children aren’t allowed absence during the school term, theres a growing number of parents who are prepared to flout the rules, pay […]

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Harmonious house sharing for students

September 4, 2014

With the summer break almost wrapped up, across the country hundreds of thousands of students are poised to return to Uni. Ready to resume a life of partying and drinking – interspersed with an occasional lecture. Here in London that means the population is about to increase by some 306,000 people – as undergrads and post-grads alike return to their studies. And […]

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World’s Biggest Coffee Morning at ABC

September 3, 2014

Fancy a slice of cake to go with your coffee? We are holding a coffee morning (all day) at our Southwark store in support of the Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning where our customers and passersby can scoff their faces with cake and wash it all down with a nice cup of coffee (or tea)!

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Back to school: a short survival guide.

September 1, 2014

Yep. You can tell the summer holiday is almost over. The past month has been wall-to-wall with back to school offers – some of them more useful than others. From the middle of this week parents up and down England will be issuing commands and questions, often with raised voices and sometimes with a tone of urgency… ‘have you done your teeth?’, ‘I said put […]

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Yo-ho-home (and a bottle of rum)…

August 28, 2014

Back in July we looked at 4 of Britain’s most interesting houses. We sailed far and wide across the internet to chart some of the most unusual buildings that people have made their homes. During that voyage a few themes emerged – not least our national obsession with coastal and maritime properties. So here – me hearties – are […]

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Bon Voyage!

August 22, 2014

Whether it’s for a new job, in search of a warmer climate or simply for a change of scene, moving abroad is one of the biggest moves you can make. Yet, the extent of success of this once in a lifetime opportunity and your new life abroad often comes down to how well you plan for it. […]

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Can you work in clutter?

August 21, 2014

Clutter. For a few it’s an unusual form of comfort blanket. To others it is stuff that’s going to have some kind of future use. Whilst for some it’s just too good, or was too expensive to throw away. So we hoard – and as we’ve pointed out before – hoarding can affect us in negative ways. […]

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