Storage, for the long term…

by Greg Brina on January 29, 2015

You know that scene in the Italian Job (the original 1969 film – not the 2003 remake) where Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) picks up his Aston Martin from storage? No? Well let us remind you…

It might be car storage, but at over 2 years – it’s definitely a form of long term storage. And back in 1969 self storage hadn’t long been invented in and certainly wasn’t available in the UK.

Now whilst we sincerely hope your need for a storage unit is not because you’re staying at Her Majesty’s Pleasure or you’re heading off to India to shoot tigers (both would mean you’re up to no good) – here’s a little glimpse into some of the reasons why people use self storage in London, for the long term…   [click to continue…]

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Upcycled Furniture – #2

by Greg Brina on January 26, 2015

Last year we blogged about the rise of up-cycling and in particular clever storage furniture. So with lots of you deciding to include being tidier and decluttering – along with doing more with less – in your New Years resolutions, we thought it was time for a follow-up.

So if you’re craving some inspiration for a bit of 2015 creativity with furniture, then you might want to read on…  [click to continue…]

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London, luggage-less

January 23, 2015

London’s not the sort of place you want to be burdened with lots of luggage. Unless you’re lucky enough to be chauffeured – usually the reserve of Royals, Government Ministers, Lord Alan Sugar, QC’s, Traders, Russian Oligarchs and BBC executives – most journeys involve tubes, taxis, buses, and a bowl of chalk (that’s cockney slang for a walk). So having […]

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New Year, New Business?

January 18, 2015

It’s time for part three of our January specials on New Year Resolutions whether you’re sticking religiously to yours, have already had a blip or are ‘about-to-begin’. If starting your own business is top of your resolution list in 2015 –  this blog is for you. Yep. There’s nothing like being your own boss. You tell yourself what to do, […]

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Resolve your Wanderlust in 2015

January 15, 2015

If you find your feet are itching as 2015 gets into its stride, it could be a sign you’d like to travel more. Now whilst there is an outside chance that it is an unintended side-effect of all that extra exercise you’re doing, we’re going to assume for this blog that you’ve developed a case of Wanderlust – an overriding desire to travel and explore. It’s exactly the sort […]

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The secrets of Southwark

January 12, 2015

Southwark, home to one of ABC Selfstore’s affordable self storage sites in London, has a past steeped in history and culture. The borough is one of London’s most ancient and is made up of areas such as Elephant & Castle, Bermondsey, Lambeth and Waterloo with its northern boundary formed by the gentle curve of the River Thames.

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Skip into a fit 2015

January 11, 2015

How’s the getting fit New Year’s resolution going? What’s that? You didn’t like the look of the wind and rain this morning and have missed a session. Yep, that’s the problem with this time of year. There are just too many reasons to not keep it up. Of course, you could subscribe to a gym membership – […]

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Are you being resolute?

January 7, 2015

So, 1 week in and how are you doing with them? You know – your resolutions – the things you said you’d do differently this year or the changes you’d make to your lifestyle? There are an infinite number of New Year’s resolutions and we hope you’re still hanging in there with yours. Here’s a […]

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Decorations, be gone…

January 5, 2015

That’s it then. Back to work. The Christmas and New Year break is over for another year. If you’re following tradition then either tonight or tomorrow you’ll be taking down the Christmas decorations and storing them somewhere until December 2015. So let’s look at your options…

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London Victoria: A Tale of Two Stations

January 2, 2015

Victoria Station. London. England. Named (in a roundabout fashion) after the United Kingdom’s longest serving monarch and Empress (at the time) of a large part of the rest of the world. If you’re visiting London in 2015, the chances are you’ll encounter one of our capitals most iconic terminus’- be it for bus, tube, coach […]

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