All self storage companies are not the same….

There’s a lot of chatter about the capitalist economy at the moment, talk that has exploded debate around the decline of values, ethics and morals in the way the western word does business. Now our regular readers and customers will know that – occasionally – we like to shout about our values. What it is that makes us tick, floats our boat and rocks our socks. This is one of those shouts… and you’ll be pleased to hear that at ABC Selfstore ‘ethical capitalism’ is alive, well and thriving… 

When we started our family self storage business in 1993 we set ourselves one golden rule: ‘Treat others how you’d like to be treated yourself’.  It’s a pretty fair maxim.

Now, we’re in business to make a living – so we don’t offer year round Storage for free or anything like that – but we can make sure that we do it in the best way possible, with the best service and value. Above all else it’s about making sure our customers get a jolly good deal and that we’re always helpful and friendly. Because that’s exactly how we like to be treated.

Take our ‘Only pay for the days you stay’ guarantee. We’re amongst a tiny number of self storage companies to offer that. When you rent self storage space it’s normal that you pay up front for your space every four weeks.  Leave your unit early and the majority self storage companies will keep your money – it’s in their terms and conditions that you must give notice of anything between 1 and 4 weeks.

We’ve always thought you should never have to pay for anything you haven’t had – so if you no longer need your space at ABC Selfstore we’ll refund you for the days you haven’t used.  Likewise we’ve no minimum term. If you need 3 days whilst you’re having new carpets fitted that’s fine. Not with many of our competitors – who will insist on 1 week minimum (with some it’s 4 weeks!).

It’s the same with our approach to customers. When we recruit we like to make sure we select people that ‘get’ our golden rule. Folk who are ‘people-people’ to whom being helpful and friendly is their way, comes naturally.  More of that maxim; treating others how we’d like to be treated.

Now some might say that in 2012 those values are old fashioned and the world has moved on. Well it can move on without us, because we’re sticking with treating others how we’d like to be treated ourselves. So if you need self storage with traditional values, value and service you know where to come