Recession Proof Businesses: #1 Downturn, what downturn?

As Britain’s economy bobbles along we thought it was time to take a look at businesses that are resilient in recession – just in case any budding entrepreneurs fancy jumping into a more secure line of work.

In 2011 (the ONS’s most recent figures) 10,803 businesses became insolvent. That was down on 2010, when it was 11,688. There will be plenty of reasons why they went to the wall, but some simply won’t have had  market and recession proof businesses all need one thing: people who want or need whatever it is that is on offer.

Of course, even for these sectors, in times of austerity it’s important to be a lean, mean business machine.

#1 Pre-owned Office EquipmentReseller Business Storage

When economies struggle, so do many businesses. It’s sad but true that when a business folds its assets are sold off. One man’s misfortune is another’s fortune, which is why you’ll find second hand office furniture businesses thriving.

It makes sense too – because other businesses and startups looking to cut costs or keep them down will be an open goal of a market. Of course, office furniture is bulky, so having a base – somewhere convenient to store  the stock whilst it is ‘between offices’ – is essential. And our Business Storage Bundle is just the thing.

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