Say Ugg – It’s the Man Cave

You’ll probably have heard the term Man Cave. And unless you’ve been living underground yourself – you’ll know it is a brilliantly descriptive metaphor for male space.  Somewhere a chap can retreat from the girl-boy push-pull of modern life. A refuge of masculinity, a private sanctuary where a man is free to be a man – without the risk of upset to the good women in his life.

So what better way to celebrate bloke-ishness than with a look at the ins and outs of a ‘Manctuary’ – and the hallmarks of a the perfect Man Cave.

Private time and space has always played an important part in the lives of the X-Y chromosome contingent of our little planet, so Man Caves are not really a new thing, just a new name. Upper class Victorian Gentleman had their ‘club’ or private smoking rooms to retire to, whilst for most of the 20th Century less landed man-folk traditionally found peace in a shed at the bottom of the garden. Many still do.

It was the development of a whole host of technologies during the mid-1990’s that saw the dawn of the Man Cave that we recognise today. Across  attics, lofts, basements, garages, spare bedrooms and studies of western civilisation – space has been converted to secure the ultimate expression of modern masculinity. But there’s more to these personal havens than meets the eye, a well planned man space serves spiritual and physical purposes alike:

As a refuge

First and foremost it is somewhere to forget the fretful trappings of 21st Century life – not having to worry about (or be nagged to worry about) having to be here, remembering that, making a decision on something, finding the money for this, remembering to talk to whoever …

A private place to do and practice ‘man things’

The range of manly activities that go on in man caves is as wide and diverse as the interests of man himself. Listening to your favourite music, practicing guitar, keyboard, drums or other instrumental skills, gaming, watching a movie or your favourite sports, taking a nap, enjoying man-conversation with best friends, having a nice quiet beer, writing, drawing, working out and admiring art that might not be met with approval elsewhere in your house… they’re all perfectly valid activities of man-cavism that you’ll find the world over.

A place to store ‘man-toys’

Man Cave activities almost always involve equipment or ‘tech’ of some sort. Dolby surround sound systems, big screen tv’s, a comfy sofa, a computer, amplifiers, remote control vehicles, games consoles, gaming chairs and accessories, sports or exercise equipment and the obligatory mini-fridge full of beer.

A space to enjoy Art

Man caves can also be dressed with decoration and art that is perhaps less appropriate in other rooms (and to other members) of the household. A tasteful canvas- perhaps something from The Black Marque Gallery‘s subtle collection of Women and Cars wall-art – is the sort of thing. Likewise you might choose furniture that has more than a strong air of masculinity about it – how about an Alfa Romeo Sofa or (if you’re well-heeled) a Genuine Ferrari 430 Office Swivel chair.

Speaking of chairs, the man cave regularly features in popular culture. Who could ever forget Chandler and Joey’s apartment in Friends – and the iconic LA-Z-BOY chair scene. We think it just about sums up the whole man cave experience.

If you’re creating a man cave – and need somewhere to keep all the non-man cave belongings – then a self storage unit at one of our London stores is a great solution.

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