The weird the mad and the odd – unusual items in storage.

Self storage is a funny business, we never quite know quite what to expect next. You see – in amongst the usual trolley-fulls of house furniture, furnishings, business archives, shop stock and student belongings – we encounter some weird, mad and oddly captivating objects. From Knights (who say ni ?) to Red Carpets – we thought it wold be fun to share three of them with you… 

Arise,  Sir Camden of Islington…

ArmourArmour 2Back in medieval times if you were a Knight, chances were you had some sort of castle in which to keep your armour. A bespoke room  (it was probably even called the armoury) to keep that metalware whilst you were between battles or jousts.  In many ways the medieval equivalent of the Mr Benn cupboard.

These days an ‘Englishman’s home is his castle’ and the modern equivalent of  ‘battle attire’ is likely to be snowboarding,  ski or water-sports equipment such as wetsuits or drysuits.  But in a throwback to Roundtable days – these suits of armour were in storage at our Camden branch. We’re not sure if they are priceless originals or modern repros. Whichever, we have to admire those Pauldrons, not to mention the Couters which are pretty impressive too.

Come to think of it, we wonder if there is a niche market specialising in self storage for collectors of suits of armour. Of course – there’s only one place in London suitable for such a facility. You’ve guessed it – we’d have to open a store in Knightsbridge. In the meantime our storage centres in Camden, Southwark and Wandsworth are already well placed for most self storage needs.

Give us a twirl…  Winslet, Paltrow, Dench et al.

BAFTA (the British Academy of Film and Television Arts)  have a fair few shindigs each year. Award ceremonies where the great, the good and the famous of the moving screen, come out to smile for the camera, promote their craft and – if they’re lucky enough – insist they weren’t going to cry during a humbling acceptance speech. Of course, it’s easy to be frivolous, but there’s a lot more to BAFTA than you see in HELLO! or OK!  It’s a key organisation for safeguarding the UK’s moving picture entertainment heritage.

But (we feel sure) there’s a really pressing question that you were going to ask:  where do they keep the red carpet when it isn’t being trodden by a star-studded list of celebrities? 

Easy, it’s tucked away safe, sound and secure in one of our London storage units. In fact – you’d be surprised just how many media companies use our self storage for props, sets, costumes and other production paraphernalia.

Sofa so good. 

Most of the time we see the odd sofa – usually as part of a van-load of home furnishings being put into storage whilst a customer moves house or carries out some renovations. We were surprised earlier in the year when 8 matching leather sofas were brought in. They were from a local pub that had closed down and were being stored before being sold on  by their new owner. So it seems we were right in our piece about recession proof businesses.

Or perhaps someone had plans to recreate this Lindenhof ‘sofas on the roof’ masterpiece in London:

So – should you happen to have anything weird, mad or odd that you need to store we’ll be able to help with a self storage unit in London.

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