Happy Friday 13th

FRIDAY13TH-01-01If you saw our ‘2013 so far’ post in September you might recall we pondered whether the number 13 is really as unlucky as the reputation that precedes it. Current Ashes performance aside (there’s still time for an Americas Cup-esque come-back guys) 2013 has been a good year all round – in sport, in entertainment and now – with the recent news on the economy – financially. Now the more superstitious amongst you will have noticed todays’ date: Friday 13th.  A number that puts fear into some. A date-day combo that might have the super-supersticious staying at home. Having a duvet day. Watching bit of daytime telly.

But we think 13 is getting a raw deal. It’s Friday, it’s almost the weekend and there are plenty of reasons to embrace the first of the teens…

A number of causes are associated with 13 being bad luck – but, as with most things – you can just as easily look at them in a glass half-full kind of way:

The Last Supper – Judas, the Thirteenth at the table’ betrayed Jesus Christ. If he hadn’t we might not have the Christian faith today, and whether you are Christian or not, that would leave a huge hole in Society. It would also mean none of the Christian calendar based Bank Holidays (which is most of them).

Apollo 13 – true, it didn’t complete its full mission and land on the moon, but they got three Astronauts –  Jim Lovell, John Swigart and Fred Haise – home safely. Ron Howard made a decent enough movie out of it too.

Fewer Accidents – according to Wikipedia – the Dutch Centre for Insurance Statistics stated that there are fewer accidents, fires and thefts on Friday 13th, at least in the Netherlands. Of course, that might be because half of us are spending the day in bed and being a little more circumspect, but looking on the bright side, it’s safer for the rest of us.

Thirteen Witches in a coven – Without Witches and Wizardry J.K. Rowling might not have had the inspiration for a certain Mr Harold Potter and his mates Hermione and Ron. A golden decade of children’s literature gone – probably in a puff of theatrical green smoke.

The 2012 Phenomenon – The Mayans had a belief that a range of catastrophic events would occur in December 2012 – known as the 2012 Phenomenon.  Fortunately it didn’t happen. Maybe that was the monkey off of 13’s back.

A couple of other interesting facts about 13 and Friday 13th: 

  • There can be between 1 and 3 13th Fridays in each year. In 2013 there are 2, the first was in September and the second is today.  In 2012 there were 3 and in 2014 there will be just one – in June.
  • 13 is the smallest emirp (a Prime number that is also a prime number when reversed: 13 & 31)

We’re (mostly) not superstitious at ABC Selfstore, so if you want a self storage unit with a 13 in the number and one is available in the size you are after – we’ll see if we can help.  We can’t guarantee it will be any luckier than all our other units, although, with our keen pricing, Only Pay for the Days You Stay guarantee and customer service that’s second to none – self storage doesn’t come much luckier!

And finally. If you’re feeling the vibe on ‘lucky 13’ there’s a Euro Millions draw tonight and the jackpot is a trifling £36million.
If you win – don’t forget it was us that told you.