Britains most interesting houses…

Thanks to programmes like Grand Designs, us Brits are getting much more creative with our houses. And whilst bedsits, 1 & 2 bed apartments and square-box semi’s might might be the stock and trade for most of us, those with the wherewithal are thinking laterally (and – it would seem – vertically).

All sorts of obsolete buildings are being made into homes. Take Battersea Power Station (near our Wandsworth store), the iconic art-decco industrial building and its surrounding 42 acres are the subject of an £8 billion investment to create a whole new neighbourhood. Battersea’s a huge development one – but thought it would be fun to pick 4 of  Britain’s most interesting houses. Stand out properties that you can’t help but say, ‘wow, that’s pretty cool.’ The kind of place that if you won the Euromillions tonight you’d be commissioning someone to build. Here we go then with an ABC Selfstore take on 4 of Britain’s most interesting houses.

Back in the 80s a room adorned with a coat of magnolia and furnished with a decent suite seemed the bees-knees, but in the twenty-teens that’s not just basic, it’s the bare minimum. So here are some homes that push the boundaries of intriguing places to live.

Roger, Red Leader, you are cleared to begin your final approach…

Soz. You’ve just missed out on this one (it’s Sold Subject to Contract), well you have if we assume you had the smidgen under £3/4 million to buy it. This converted WWII control tower near Saffron Walden in Essex is an interesting buy for any aviation enthusiast. You can wake up on a summers day, take a coffee and a muffin on your impressive roof terrace and practice your best american airman. The British Government have even provided a nice aerial image of how the area to look.

Apart from the master bedroom it’s an upside-down house – with bedrooms 2 to 5 being on the ground floor.  That of course frees up all that birds-eye view first floor living space. You’ll probably want to buy a big picture of an ‘A26 Invader‘  light bomber to put on your wall – being amongst the first operational aircraft to fly out of Little Walden. Heck, you could even get yourself a Willys Jeep to ride around in and really look the part.


Space shuttle flight deck…

If air travel is a bit too earthly for you – how about a Space Shuttle flight deck in your attic? As reported in London’s Evening Standard in February, a householder in Crystal Palace has created the ultimate boys loft. Complete with flight seats and plenty of monitors to show you your virtual pitch, trajectory and thrust.

From spaceship to lighthouse – to fog horn house…

The advent of Sat-Nav means you can know where you are to within 5m – almost anywhere on the planet. That makes lighthouses obsolete. Consequently there are a fair few lighthouses that have been converted. There’s even a website dedicated specifically to Lighthouse sales. But if you want to be truly unique how about a Fog Horn house? One was for sale in 2013 (complete with cliff-top compound) on the Island of Anglesey

It comes complete with a magazine building for storing cannonballs (not your favourite subscription) – which were shot into the sea to create a bang that would warn passing ships of the danger.

The Thin House

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The Thin House in Kensington’s Thurloe Square, is becoming a bit of an architectural celebrity. Unlike the famous facade house at 23 & 24 Leinster Gardens, Number 5 Square is actually a house – albeit only 99 inches ‘thin’ at the shallow end. If you had to live there though, it would be the thin edge of the wedge when it came to storage space. Fortunately, in those sorts of situations – that’s what we’re here for.

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