Advantage London: Self Storage for Business

With London generating over a fifth of the total UK economy, it’s no surprise that business is booming. But London is an expensive place and with the CEBR forecasting growth of 15% for the capital over the next five years (far outperforming the rest of the UK) it’s businesses that learn to keep their costs to a minimum that will drive that growth. But that’s easier said than done, so if you’re in business for yourself (or thinking of going into business) here are 5 different ways self storage for business can help to keep your show a lean, mean, profitable machine – whichever sector you’re in. 

Being in business is more competitive than ever. At the beginning of 2013 in London alone there were 841,000 businesses. That’s a lot of people competing for customers. Competitive advantage comes in lots of forms – but being slick with space is a fundamental one. Especially here in London where each square foot is expensive.

For Retail  

In the retail sector, the rise of internet shopping means that customers can be further afield and that point of sale floorspace is no longer the be-all and end-all. There’s also no limit on how much you can sell online – or there wouldn’t be if limitless supplies of stock and somewhere to store it. Which makes stock control and business storage space for it more crucial than ever. London self storage like ours is the perfect place for that. It’s cheaper and more flexible than warehouse storage and safer and more secure than an ‘arches’ style back street lock-up.

For Trades

If you’re in the construction sector (we mean jobbing builder more than city centre developer), you’ll need somewhere to store your tools, equipment and supplies. You could keep it in your van – but you’ll need to make sure that’s secure overnight, which is not easy in London. A 24hr unit at one our stores in Southwark or Wandsworth is a great London business storage solution. You can use it to keep all those tools and supplies and still access it when you need it.

For Accounting and Legal Services

Even in these days of cloud computing, Legal and Accounting services still generate a shed load of paperwork. And it’s often paperwork that needs to be kept on file for serious amounts of time. Usually beyond 7 years, sometimes as many as 12. So, it might be a shed load of files, but a shed won’t cut it, and you might find storage in your offices gets a bit crowded. So a great solution is to keep it safely and securely off site – and you can do that in a business self storage unit.

For Corporate and Company Facilities

Most large offices are crowded – hot-desking, flexi-timing, open-planned leviathans of our service-led industries. Whatever the format of your office space, if you’re involved in managing your company facilities you’ll know the headache of storage. All the available space tends to have employees working, squeezed in like sardines, boothed up in clusters, often closer than is reasonable to their colleagues. So what if you could keep all the spare seats, desks and other facilities paraphernalia somewhere off site? Accessible, but not in the way? If you’re looking for corporate business storage solutions in London, then a large unit with us might be what you are after. You’ll be in good storage company.

Temporary Storage

If you’re in London for an exhibition or trade show (and let’s face it, there are a lot of them on in London every week) you might need a staging post. A place where you can keep some stock or prepare the display equipment. Event organisers might want to charge you a surcharge for a storage service (they’re always on the lookout for new revenue streams). You could setup shop just down the road with some of our London business self storage. It’ll work a treat – because with us you Only Pay for the Days You Stay – unlike other companies offering business storage in London we have no minimum stay.

So there we go. If you’re in business – any business – London self storage with ABC Selfstore could well be the answer to your business storage needs.