From the Storage Vault – Part 2

Click, whirr, clunk. That was the sound of us opening the storage vault for part 2 of our look at interesting things and people that have used ABC Selfstore at one time or another. Last time we looked at some of the cracking businesses that used storage to as a flexible way to get a foothold in their chosen market, along with a famous face or two that have frequented our premises.

This time we felt we should give big shout-out to a couple of the brilliant charities that we’re properly proud to have as customers. Both are cancer charities – which is very serious stuff – but as you’ll see they’re quite different in what they do and their approach to it…

Anthony Nolan Trust

Anthony Nolan Hero Day 2014

You’ve probably heard the Anthony Nolan Trust. It’s a charity that focuses on blood cancer and blood disorders. More specifically they’re involved in furthering cutting edge research and – most importantly – treatment using stem cells. Now we could bang on about the science behind stem cell transplants and how a bone marrow donor can be matched to a fellow human who is critically ill. Or we could leave it to the people who wouldn’t be here today without the incredible work of Anthony Nolan Trust and the generosity of the donors they have on their register.

So what do the Anthony Nolan Trust store at ABC Selfstore?

Quite simply Spit Kits. They’re the first step in becoming a donor and what you get sent if you want to sign up to the Anthony Nolan Donation Register. If the stories above have got you interested in becoming a donor, then this next video will show you what’s involved. Who knows, one day, you might save a life.


Paul as a boob for Coppafeel!Coppafeel! Yup. It pretty much means what it says on the, erm, cup. Coppafeel is a Breast Cancer awareness charity that encourages women (and men) to check their breasts for signs cancer. In fact encourage doesn’t really do what they do justice. A full-on awareness and educational charity is more in the ballpark.

The ethos behind Coppafeel! is simple – the earlier you spot the signs or symptoms of breast cancer and get it diagnosed, the greater the chance of successful treatment. The charity was founded by Kris Hellenga – when at just 23 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It’s an inspirational story that’s lead to a charity that takes something serious and pokes it with a funny stick. Creating a campaign that you can’t fail to miss, chuckle at – and then learn how to check yourself regularly.

You see, once they’ve got your attention (via their boob tent at events, taking part in fun-runs dressed as boobs, by getting big manufacturers to put labels in bra’s – or some other crazy but effective idea they’ve cooked up) the fabulous peeps at Coppafeel! have come up with all sorts of ways to remind you to check yourself.

Some might call it a nagging service. But if you get a regular text or email reminding you to check yourself (or someone you’re intimate with) it could – quite literally – be the difference between life and death.

Oh, and that boob tent and promotional paraphernalia you see them with? When it’s not in use, guess where they keep it…


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