Top Christmas Presents for the Grown Ups

Happy man and long-haired woman at Christmas market.

Tricky isn’t it. Finding the right Christmas present for the nearest and dearest grown-ups in your life. You could buy the old cliche of socks, slippers or smellies. But you’d be in danger of becoming your Mum & Dad. Whilst that’s no bad thing, we appreciate that modern adults prefer a bit more delight and surprise when it comes to unwrapping gifts in the 25th.

Whether your besties are blokish blokes, girly girls, budding chefs, green fingered garden goddesses, mums, dads or technology monsters – we’re here to help you with those all important purchase decisions – with ten top gifts for grown-ups in 2015…

Gadget Bloke

If money is not too much of an object, then the Robox RBX01 3D printer has to be the must-have gadget of 2015. Available from Amazon for £50 shy of the £1000 mark, it brings a new technology to the home. From phone cases to airfix style models, coffee cups or 3d versions of your Children’s drawings – the possibilities really are endless

Gadget Girl

Well the RBX01 can also be used to print bespoke jewellery, fashion items or customs accessories. So we think it’s just as Gadget Girl as it is Gadget Bloke. So when a girlfriend asks her BFF where she got the fab necklace, she’ll be able to reply I designed it and made it myself.

Spiralizing for the Kitcheneers

If pitched battles is the biggest challenge for your best friend on getting the kids to eat greens – then a spiralizer might be their salvation. There’s a few to choose from, but ostensibly they create attractive strands out of vegetables, which can be more appealing to kids – especially if stir fried.

The Daily Telegraph recently tested a few – so their report is a great place to start to find the most stellar sprialiser out there.

Gardeners World’s

Gardening is a popular pastime, but here in London not that many people have gardens. So we thought we should focus on the indoors with these quirky but interesting geometric pot plants from Rocket St. George. You don’t have to be a mathematician to appreciate their design, and whilst you might not class keeping pot plants as ‘gardening’ per-se, it could well be the start of something bigger.

Colourful Mum

There’s a craze sweeping adults all over the nation. Adult colouring books are all the rage. They’re great for stress busting – something most Mum’s would appreciate. We’re not talking primary school paint by numbers, they’re a little more complicated than that and there are plenty to choose from – but The Independent newspaper have put together a neat and tidy top twelve colouring books for adults, which is a cracking place to start.

McQueen Cool Dad

The Great Escape is bound to be on at some point over Christmas, with the familiar scene of Steve McQueen in the cooler, bouncing his baseball off that wall. If Dad wants to release his inner Steve next time he’s helping in the Kitchen – then how about a Baseball Glove oven Mitt. Available from for £9.91 it’ll have him whistling that familiar theme tune whilst he peels the spuds on Christmas morning.

Designer Dude Headphones

There are those that like clever gadgets, and there are those who like fantastic design – then there are those who are blown away when the two are brought together. You’ll need to be well healed – as decent designer goods tend to be the premium end of the market – but your design-led friend will be very happy with a pair of Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones by Phillipe Starck.

They’re bluetooth headphones, in an elegant design that’s available in 5 funky colours. They also have plenty of funky features – including noise cancelling technology, voice announcement of incoming callers and a gesture based control pad on the back of one ear pod. So your lucky friend can look like a recording artist in a studio, or DJ on the decks as they shuffle between tracks or adjust the volume.

Budget Buddies

When it comes to budget gifts, anything that raises a smile is always a good bet. If your friends work on a premises where they share a loo, how about the book: How to Poo at Work, just £6.95 from

There are lots of thing that can go wrong – and we’ve all been there – the flush not working, no paper, no seat your phone ringing whilst you’re ‘otherwise engaged’ to a colleague following you into the washroom –  it covers most eventualities in a hilarious and entertaining way.

Fishing Friends

Sometimes it’s fun to round off a list with something that’s a tad random, but really quite ingenious. So how about something for your favourite Carp fishing friends friend (you’re bound to have one – it’s a past-time that’s a lot more popular than you might think). Called the ‘Spomb’ – it claims to be the ultimate in bait delivery. You pack it full of bate, close the nose and it opens on impact with the water – giving even the coyist of Carp something tasty to aim for. Available from Amazon in white or black and three sizes for between £10.99 & £14.49.


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