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They’re a staple of daytime telly. Shows where members of the pubic, paired with so called ‘experts’, trawl antiques fairs and attics, to find objects that might have some value. Then they take them to an auction house and see if they can make money over what they originally paid.

Sure, they often end up losing money, and when they do make some it isn’t mega-bucks. But get good at it (so the hit ratio on the making money improves), scale it up and it becomes easy to see how you might make a tidy living out of Bargain Hunting.

In the first of our series looking at what you might do for a specialist home based business… it’s Handbags at Dawn. Or maybe even Handbags by Dawn, if there happens to be a Dawn out there who fancies a second-hand handbag business.  

Yep. There’s money to be made trading Handbags. They’ve been an indispensable accessory for women the world over since the idea of a Lady in Waiting – to deal with all that – went south with Downton Abbey.

Handbags are like a life raft for the high street – containing just about everything a woman will need to get her through the day. That doesn’t mean you’ll always be able to find it though, whilst they are TARDIS like in the amount of things they can hold, they also have an uncanny knack for chaos, making it hard to find things. But it’s not just Handbags – there are come reusable shoppers that are becoming classics too – especially now that we have to pay for plastic bags.


Handbags aren’t always exclusive or special edition – but just like any other fashion item they can be heavily brand driven. So a business trading in preloved Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine, Gucci, YSL or Anya Hindmarsh cold make some serious money. We found a Victoria Beckham shoulder bag online for £1600. Just think if you’d stumbled across that in a charity shop for £50 – that’d be some markup.

A number of big names make ‘staple’ models that are classics. They might sometimes change the pattern, or introduce special models.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

Look out for the Louis Vuitton “Speedy 30” – legend has it it was originally made for champagne Vintners to transport bottles – it’s been around since 1932, and is still being made today.

Hermés “Kelly”

Likewise, the Hermés “Kelly” – popularised by and renamed after the 1950s film star and later Monegasque Princess Grace –  was also introduced in the 1930s is a long-standing classic.


The Gucci GG Supreme Top Handle Bag is another top name brad stalwart that there will always be a steady demand for. So if you see one, snap it up.


Anya Hindmarch is a name synonymous with Handbags. As Jimmy Choo is to shoes, Ms. Hindmarch is to the hand-held pack. In 2007 she was ahead of the ‘I’ve got my own bag(s), thanks’ queue at the checkout when she released her ‘I’m not a Plastic Bag’ shopper. It’s a simple cotton bag, but sold out at Sainsbury’s within an hour.

She almost certainly took Inspiration from Hemingway Design’s World Environment Day series – released to celebrate 5th June between 2006 – 2008.  ‘This Bag…’ is perhaps less well known, but just as clever, if you see one of these in good condition they are pretty rare, so snap it up.

With men getting in on the act ‘Man-bags’ are becoming a must-have accessory. Maybe our Dawn should consider opening a ‘companion’ site – Man-bags by Dave anyone?

If you are building up a stock inventory of Bags, you’ll need somewhere to keep them. The back of a wardrobe is all well and good if there’s only handful (pardon the pun), but go beyond that and you’ll need extra space.

It doesn’t have to be Handbags or Man-bags – whatever online business you’re thinking of starting, if you find you need storage, then we can provide flexible and convenient space. Visit out our main website for all the information and options on our flexible business storage.


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