CoppaFeel! Charity

This amazing charity raises awareness of breast cancer and helps educate young people in the UK that checking their breasts could save their life. ABC in Camden helps Kris and her team by storing their boob tent alongside all the costumes and festival gear.

CoppaFeel! are a very small team which, collectively, has one almighty big voice. Where they lack in experience and skills, they make up for in determination and valor. CoppaFeel! were founded out of a need to right wrongs, and when we hear of more people diagnosed late, or young people dying from this disease, we know there isn’t a more powerful reminder to get up out of bed every morning.

CoppaFeel! is about more than discovering a cancer diagnosis. It’s about empowering ourselves to be proactive about our own health and body, as well as our outlook on life. It’s about knowing your boobs; knowing that if you do find something, you know what to do and if found early, you have many options.

Put simply, breast cancer does not need to be detected late, and as long as we are here and continue to be supported by people like you, we will do all we can do make sure this doesn’t continue to happen. We are passionately committed to effecting real change.

Too many women, and men, die of breast cancer due to late detection. Currently over 2000 cases are diagnosed at stage 4 each year – there is no stage 5. This is unnecessary. CoppaFeel! strongly believe all young people should be taught about all cancers and how to lead healthy lives from a young age. Which is why they have instigated a campaign to #RETHINKCANCER

How are they different?

CoppaFeel! are proactive – learning healthy good habits when you are young can help you in years to come.

Awareness is at the core of our operation. You won’t find them shaking a bucket on the streets, but they will be there asking you when you last checked your boobs.

What do they do?

  • CoppaFeel! target young people in their natural habitat, be it at a festival or on their university campuses, they will be there to integrate a life saving message into their lives.
  • They offer free and easy reminder services such as a monthly text message, our iCoppaFeel! app or maybe as extreme as a friendly Boob-O-Gram to your place of work. CoppaFeel! like a friendly bop on the head when you least expect it.
  • CoppaFeel! garner corporate support to co-brand and reach out to new audiences.
  • They launch captivating, and sometimes challenging, national awareness campaigns that produce memorable PR.
  • CoppaFeel! organise events that don’t just raise funds, but awareness too.
  • They enlist young breast cancer survivors to be their voice and create peer-to-peer awareness.
  • They ask famous faces to help them reach an even wider audience.
  • CoppaFeel! may work with other cancer related organisations to ensure their message, time and funding is as effective as possible.
  • They work with health professionals and policy makers to give early diagnosis the prominence it needs and deserves.