Environmentally friendly Lighting

We have been busy at all three of our stores installing low energy LED lighting courtesy of ARC Energy Reduction Solutions who are a provider of comprehensive energy management solutions.

ARC E.R.S specialize in energy and cost reduction technologies for commercial, industrial and retail businesses; and are dedicated to helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint, drive down costs and protect themselves against future energy price increase.

The project involved the installation of microwave controlled LED tubes and LED floodlights across our 3 sites. The LED tubes automatically dim when the area is unoccupied and in doing so use just 10% of their normal energy consumption.

As a result of installing the new low energy LED lighting our electricity consumption fell by 56% reducing our Carbon Footprint by approximately 125 tonnes a year.

The 5 year warranty for the LED tubes and the lack of maintenance over the next 10.5-years will provide additional savings for our operation.

About ARC

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ARC was founded in 2010 and is a provider of comprehensive energy management solutions. ARC are an authorised distributor for a number of technologies, ARC is proud to be at the forefront of new, but proven, technologies which offer the most up-to-date lighting,heating and window insulation solutions.

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