The ABC Academy

We deliver staff training at ABC primarily through our Academy. The ABC academy consists of an internal product and training knowledge-base which has been developed as an in-house reference and resource available to all staff at any time.

All new starters at ABC go through a thorough induction process and training and development continues throughout your time at ABC. This is backed up by in-house training and training run by outside specialists.

Only by ensuring that our staff are highly trained and motivated can we ensure that we deliver the Customer Service for which we are renowned. We also have extensive Customer and Staff feedback processes in place which guide the continual development of our customer offer and internal processes.

The Academy provides specific support in the following areas :

  • Product Knowledge - ensuring that all staff are masters of all things storage
  • Size Estimation - a key skill required to ensure the Customer gets what they need
  • Sales Process - a thorough understanding of the self storage sales process
ABC Selfstore staff work as a team