Meet Our Wandsworth Team

ABC Wandsworth's brilliant staff are our biggest asset. From cake to community and the age old question: Strictly or X-Factor? Discover what makes them tick.

Caroline - Store Manager at Southwark

Store Manager

Why would you choose ABC Selfstore?
ABC offers great value self storage with unbeatable customer service. ABC makes storage simple.

Tell us what's so great about the Wandsworth local community?
Wandsworth is a diverse borough with lots of interesting cultures mixed in together. It has some great parks and is joined by 5 bridges from the North side of London so has some beautiful spots.

Favourite cake?
Anything covered in chocolate!

X-Factor or Strictly?
X-Factor all day but as I'm getting older have started to watch bit of Strictly. Slippery path to Antiques roadshow!

Has Wandsworth changed much in the last 5 years?
Lots more flats, shops & pubs have been developed! Fantastic area to work and live in.

Your favourite moment working in self storage?
Returning to Wandsworth as Store Manager having started as a Sales Advisor 5 years ago.

Paul - Assistant Store Manager at Wandsworth

Assistant Store Manager

Why would you choose ABC Selfstore?
Transparency - What you see is what you get pricing/services & friendly staff. When I have mystery shopped the other branches their customer service has left a lot to be desired.

Why do you like working at ABC and in self storage?
Diversity - Each day is different. It can be rewarding helping someone out i.e. a move has fallen through and you need to help

X factor or Strictly?
Two left feet so it has to be X-Factor (although I can not sing either) - Comedy value

Your favourite moment working in self storage?
A Horse on the loading bay! Or not as it proved to be. A client was moving into a storage room while he was between properties. He had an Iron & material half structure. I was making a hot drink and looked round to see what appeared to be a horse peering out from the loading. It was a surreal moment!

Tomasz - Sales Assistantat Wandsworth

Customer Service & Sales Advisor

Why would you choose ABC Selfstore?
Excellent customer service sets us apart from the rest of the industry. That's one of the reasons I would choose ABC any day of the week.

Tell us what's so great about Wandsworth local community?
The area here is lovely. We are surrounded by parkland and there's no end of activities. Not to mention the Southside Shopping Centre with the cinema, excellent restaurants and shops.

Favourite cake?

Why do you like working at ABC and in self storage?
This company treats you very well. This is the first family run business I have pleasure working for and the difference is really noticeable. Working in self storage industry gives me a chance to make a difference in customer's lives by making the stressful moving process easier.

X factor or Strictly?
X factor.

Your favourite moment working in self storage?
Seeing a 5 star customer feedback for Wandsworth :)

Suzanne - Sales Assistant at Wandsworth

Customer Service & Sales Advisor

Tell us what's so great about Wandsworth local community
The park behind the building is spectacular in the morning. I walk to work and as a pass by the park I see people walking their dogs, jogging. A peaceful moment that goes with me all day.

There are countless London attractions which is your favourite?
Big Ben, because it is beautiful (even after 4 years I am still fascinated by it) and Harry Potter Studio Tour because I LOVE Harry Potter!!!

Favourite cake?
Sugarfree chocolate :)

Why do you like working at ABC and in self storage?
Every day is different, you can not get bored. I love the way it has made me love sales. I can be creative, organised and myself in general.

What's the best thing about living in London, and what's the worst?
Living in London is so great that if I had to move I would be in trouble because I cannot imagine a better place to live at the moment.

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