Extravagance in Storage USA Style

Lots of local Southwark businesses compliment self storage and might be useful to our customers. We're lucky enough to get to know and trust the best of them. Here are our recommended local businesses from ABC Selfstore Southwark.

Removal Companies

In our line of work we're lucky. We get to know people, to build up trust with them. So we're always pleased to wholeheartedly recommend people who we know will do a good job in their line of work.

We Move All Removals
Mark Odemudia
Web: www.wemoveallremovals.co.uk
Email: info@wemoveallremovals.co.uk
64 Portland Street,
London SE17 2PB
020 7277 0867

Big Van Removals
Stuart Barclay
Web: www.bigvan.com
Email: office@bigvan.com
Flat 21, 49A Guildford Road,
South Lambeth,
London SW8 2DT
07956 847 809

TMW Removals
Email: contact@taggroup.plus.com
07904 316 337

Dan's Man & Van
Email: dans.van.man@gmail.com
07940 863 777

Polaris Removals
Sukru Ugur
Web: www.polarismoves.com
Email: s.ugur@polarismoves.com
53 Lamberhurst Road
London SE27 0SD
07817 237 748 / 020 8333 1809

Vanquish Removals
Web: www.vanquishremovals.com
Email: info@vanquishremoval.com
1 Eglantine Road
London SW18 2DE
07903 111 588

Phillip's Removals
Delroy or Pauline
Email: delroy.phillips4@gmail.com
110 Woodpecker Road
Milton Court Estate
London SE14 6EU"
07985 784 443
0208 692 4835

Some We Don't Recommend But local

Of course, just because we don't recommend someone doesn't mean they won't do a good job. So here are some other local removals businesses that we just haven't had a chance to get to know yet.

Lift, Move & Train
Durrell Nangle
120 Selhurst Road,
South Norwood,
London SE25 6LL
07462 557 546

Your Move
163 New Cross Road,
New Cross,
London SE14 5DG
020 7639 1103

Estate Agents

Also, for those who require them, some local Southwark estate agents:

Web: www.parkersestateagents.co.uk
Email: sales@parkersestateagents.co.uk
180 New Cross Road,
New Cross,
London SE14 5DJ
020 3318 6666

Harvey & Wheeler
Gareth Martin
Web: www.harveywheeler.com
Email: garethmartin@harveywheeler.com
27 Dulwich Village,
London SE21 7BN
020 8299 8151

Web: www.winkworth.co.uk
Email: newcross@winkworth.co.uk
157 New Cross Road,
New Cross,
Greater London SE14 5DG
020 7277 7298

Sophie Ambrose
Web: www.winkworth.co.uk
Email: sambrose@winkworth.co.uk
97 Lordship Lane,
London, SE22 8UH
020 8299 2722

Kinleigh Folard & Hayward
Web: www.kfh.co.uk
Sylvia Jones
Email: ssjones@kfh.co.uk
Alistair Harper
Email: sed@kfh.co.uk
39 Dulwich Villiage,
London SE21 7BN
020 8299 4499

Spencer Kennedy
Web: www.spencerkennedy.co.uk
Email: info@spencerkennedy.co.uk
Calton Avenue,
Dulwich Village,
London, SE21 7DE
020 8693 7835

Ludlow Thompson
James Ozkan
Web: www.ludlowthompson.com
Email: jamesozkan@ludlowthompson.com
81-83 Lordship Lane,
London, SE22 8EP
020 8299 8300

Jake Blackman
Web: www.acorn.ltd.uk
Email: jake.blackman@acorn.ltd.uk
98 Lordship Lane,
London SE22 8HF
020 8516 3666

Web: www.haart.co.uk
Email: dulwich@haart.co.uk
103-105 Lordship Lane,
London, SE22 8HU
020 8299 3728