Self storage in City of London

Are you on the lookout for self storage near the City of London area? Well, stop searching friend because you’ve found it at ABC Selfstore Southwark. Here at ABC, we’re we’ve been providing Londoners of all needs and desires with incredible value self storage solutions in the Southwark and City area for 25 years - and we’ve had so many happy customer. Oh, and in case you were wondering, our Southwark can be found just off SE1’s Old Kent Road.

Like a great deal of our wonderful metropolis, space comes with a pretty gargantuan price tag tacked to it and for many, self storage offers a viable, affordable means of clearing out stuffed up hallways or rooms that are crammed to the rafters with piles of household objects.

Like most parts of the our lovely city, space comes with a fat old price tag attached to it and for many, self storage offers a viable means of saving dosh when it comes to clearing out stuffed up hallways or rooms that are brimming with inanimate obstacles.

Whether you're running a business with stacks of stock and skyscraping piles of paperwork or you’re a householder in the middle (or indeed, a muddle) of a massive home move, you’re fixing up your home or you’re just trying to clear a bit of temporary space, self storage is your saviour. And if you’re hoping to store near the City of London, we provide a safe, secure and convenient space as well levels of customer service you just won’t find anywhere else.

For the latest rates and availability, scroll on over to our Southwark self storage booking page.

At ABC Selfstore, you only pay for the days you stay and as we're a family run outfit, offering the the world’s best service is the lifeblood of our whole operation - it’s what we’re all about so you'll be met a happy face, a warm cuppa and a top notch deal to boot.

Find out more about ABC Selfstore Southwark or book your unit with our oh so simple online self storage pricing system.

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City of London Self Storage: important advice

Is this the first time you’ve used self storage? Don't sweat, because ABC Selfstore is here to lend a helping hand.

Storing your things is as easy as ABC, especially when you have access to our Self Storage for beginners page - it’s the ideal spot for picking up the basics and it will tell you all you need to know about stashing your stuff the best and most convenient way possible.

With our ‘top of the tree’ self storage explainer, you'll be able to size up the unit you need in a jiffy.

Oh, and there's a COMPLIMENTARY Self Storage Explained PDF (made by us) that you can download and check out while on the go go go.

That said, if you'd rather have a chinwag with a walking, talking, living, breathing homosapien, you can give our Southwark store a tinkle. A member of the ABC Southwark gang will be over the moon to guide you through the process. We're a friendly bunch, and no question is too big or too small, so please do ask us anything.

ABC’s ‘tip top’ tip:: We’re always looking to help, so here’s a little hint for you. If you're on the lookout for the best value self storage, units based on lower floors often cost more than units of the similar square footage on higher floors. You’re welcome.

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Business Storage in City of London

As mentioned, at ABC Southwark, not only do we help home movers with a heap of suitable self storage solutions, but we also welcome businesses of all kinds through our doors.

If you're a City of London business mogul and you're searching for self storage, we have a range of top quality commercial units for your stock, inventory or even those items of office furniture you need rid yourself while you decide their fate. Oh, we offer free Zip Van hiretoo.

We’re delighted to say we’ve assisted many a business owner over the last 25 years and if you want to find out what our customers have to say about ABC, check this out.

Why Use ABC Selfstore Southwark?

NOT all self storage businesses work, think or operate alike. With ABC Selfstore Southwarkyou'll reap the rewards of self storage benefits that are out of this world - you know, the kind you don't see anywhere else in big city.

  • Zero notice: Pack up when you want without getting hit with penalties
  • No minimum stay: Store for a solitary day if that's all you desire
  • Pay as you go: Pay for for the days you store with ABC: lovely
  • Insurance: We offer really, really amazing insurance rates
  • Price Promise: Our commitment to value even covers packing materials

And of course, no matter how long you’re with us, you'll be able to enjoy ABC's amazing standards of customer service from the moment you arrive to the moment you roll off into the city sunset.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Southwark store - see you soon.

About the City of London

View of London

As the beating heart of our capital, the City of London is home to some of the UK’s most iconic landmarks, including Paternoster Square, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Gherkin and the Millennium Bridge.

The City of London is home to both what's considered the historic capital and the primary Central Business District (CBD) - and as such, it's a bustling spot where many integral wheels and deals are made (not all of Delboy variety, you understand).

As one of the most central points of London, the City is perhaps the best connected, with most notable parts of the city accessible by foot. Several bus routes offer easy access to the Thames and most major parts of the city, and there are many underground options to choose from, as well as fast connections to the outside of the city from the likes of Fenchurch Street.

The City of London is served by a selection of notable medical institutions - with the main three being the Royal London Hospital, University College Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospital.

The house prices in the City of London are among the highest in the country, varying slightly from area to area - but as a working example, we'll look at Barbican.

For medical needs, Bermondsey is served by Barbican sports an overall average property price of £978,825, higher than properties in the heart if the City, which come in at an average of £891,901, Smithfield, with a price tag of £928,505 and West Smithfield which arrives at the £928,505 mark.

In Barbican, the average rental value comes in at £554 per week, with an overall rental range of £275 to £950 per week. Not the cheapest but we bet the views are amazing.

Without a single shadow of a doubt, the City of London is one of the most fun, exciting, bustling and rewarding places to live in the Big Smoke, and a great option for well-performing young professionals - but it does come at quite a colossal price tag.

Either way, the City is the nerve centre of our fair capital and whether you live, work or visit here, you won’t regret it - City, we salute you.

Just moved to the heart of the city or moving here soon? Please do get in touch so we can help you with all your Southwark self storage needs.