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If you're after self storage in Putney then ABC Selfstore is just the place. We've been offering storage for the Putney area from our Wandsworth store located on Garratt Lane in London SW18 for over 19 years.

Space is expensive in Putney like most of London and self storage is a cost effective solution to cluttered rooms. Whether you're a business with stock or lots of paperwork, a householder who is moving or decorating or just like a minimalist life, self storage might be the answer.

At ABC Selfstore you'll only pay for the days you stay and our customer service is second to none - so you're assured of a great deal too.

Find out more about ABC Selfstore Wandsworth or book your unit now online using our self storage pricing system.

Self Storage advice

If you're new to self storage then why not give our 'Self Storage for beginners' pages a whirl?

We'll help you sort out how much space you will need with a host of handy hints and tips - so it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

There's also our FREE "Self Storage Explained" PDF for you to download!

If you need more personal advice about your storage needs, or if you would just prefer to speak to someone, you can call the Wandsworth store and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

Book Putney storage online

ABC Selfstore's online booking system is designed to make it easy to get a price, check availability and book at any time with a minimum of fuss.

If you just want to check prices and availability at our Wandsworth store you can do that without having to provide any personal information.

We can also send you a quote by email - booking storage is easy

There's nothing to pay until you start storing and you can change your mind at no cost and with no fuss at any stage, so why not sort your storage now?

Our online prices come live from the store, so you can be assured of getting our best prices and deals online.

ABC Selfstore won't be beaten on price! Find out more about our Price Promise.

We often have units of the same size available at different prices; for example upper floor units are often cheaper than those on the ground floor.

Why choose ABC Selfstore Wandsworth?

As an independent family owned business we're a refreshing change to large corporate storage companies. We appreciate good customer service and great value ourselves - which is why with ABC you get a whole host of benefits that you won't find anywhere else :

  • No notice - leave the day you want with no termination penalties
  • No minimum stay - stay just for a day if that's all you need!
  • Only pay for the days you stay - ABC does not charge for remaining part weeks or months not taken
  • Special deals on insurance
  • Price Promise applies to storage, insurance and packaging!

Plus - our customer service is second to none, so you'll find storing with ABC Selfstore a breeze - however long you're with us. Caroline and the team look forward to welcoming you to our Wandsworth store.

About Putney

Putney is a district of South West London SW15, found in the Borough of Wandsworth. It is traditionally based in the County of Surrey, but has now become absorbed into the Greater London area. It has a long history, mostly based around Putney Bridge. In 1086 this and the ferry were noted as its major sources of income, although it only had annual earnings of 20 shillings. At this time, Putney was not a manor. However, the district was regularly used as a crossing point for the Royal family, and people such as Robert the Ferryman from Putney were paid large sums for carrying the King and family to and from Westminster.

Other powerful people also used Putney as a crossing point. After the fall of Cardinal Wolsey, the disgraced priest was riding through Putney towards the bridge when messengers presented him with a ring, symbol of royal favour. The Cardinal eagerly took hold of the ring, and gave thanks that he should have received this token. At that time he was travelling towards the ferry, as there were no bridges in the district. The first bridge in Putney was installed during the Civil War, being built after the Battle of Brentford.

Putney also has other claims to fame, such as St Mary's Church, the location where former members of Cromwell's New Model Army rebelled. Some of the members were Levellers, claiming to uphold liberty and freedom against any government, including Cromwell himself, while others were more eager to promote Cromwell as a new king. The Putney debates were held at St Mary's from the 28th of October 1647, and were used to modify the “Agreement” which set out the laws for the new English Republic. Although the Levellers partially got their way, by the time Cromwell had become Lord Protector he had turned against that portion of his army, and the leaders of the Leveller movement were executed during his rule.

Modern visitors to the district may be keen to visit the many boat and rowing centres in the area. In fact, the University Boat Race has had its starting point as Putney for over 150 years, and the University Stone which marks the beginning place for the rowers is just above Putney Bridge. The University race is not the only one to start in the area, with the Head of the River boat race also starting from this stone.

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Your staff is SO friendly and helpful. I had a very good 1-month experience with your company, as I slowly moved here from the US. Thank you!



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They team at Wandsworth do a great job - very helpful and friendly.