Customer Identification Checks

Safety and security are at the heart of our business. As part of that committment we require 2 forms of identification from all customers on move in. The full details are below.

Please contact us before move in if you have any questions.

Our ID Policy

At move in customers are required to provide us with 2 forms of ID :

  1. Photo ID
  2. Address verification ID

See below for details of acceptable forms of ID.

The initial payment must be made by either credit or debit card i.e. cash or cheque are not acceptable for the initial payment.

A photograph of the customer who is signing the storage agreement is taken and stored on the database; this is to verify that the person providing the ID is the person signing the storage agreement.

We reserve the right to decline to enter into an agreement to store goods if any of the above are not met.

Acceptable Forms of ID

Photo ID - the only Qualifying ID is one of the Following:

  • Current, Valid (i.e. signed) Passport
  • Photograph bearing valid current National ID card
  • Current valid new style (i.e. photo) driving licence

Address Verification - one of the Following:

  • Something from the Photo ID list in addition to that already provided e.g. if a passport was provided, a driving licence could then be used as the second ID
  • Utility company correspondence (but not mobile phones
  • Local Authority correspondence
  • Bank or Building Society including mortgage related correspondence
  • Benefits Agency correspondence

Provided That It:

  • is dated within the last 6 months
  • clearly indicates your name as given to us
  • confirms your address as that given to us on the storage agreement
  • contains some account information such as account number or reference eg a simple mail shot from Barclaycard inviting you to apply for one of their cards is not acceptable

Please contact us in advance if you have any questions to avoid problems at the time of move in.

Business Customers

The same requirements for ID apply to business customers.

The photo ID must be of the person signing the storage agreement, but the address verification ID can either be for this person, or for the business named on the storage agreement.

Please note that a company letterhead is not sufficient to meet this requirement.