The Benefits of Self Storage

Self Storage is a universally helpful solution to expensive property prices and limited space. From business to households and shops to students, it presents a cost effective way of expanding storage space without committing to new premises or long-term leases.

Put simply you rent a private secure room at a self storage facility, to which only you hold the key. You can come and go as much as you like to access your stored items. For the full low-down on how it works read our beginners guide.

Self Storage is also extremely flexible - you can increase or decrease the space you need with little or no notice, which makes it great for seasonal lifestyles and businesses. Self storage can be used by just about anyone who requires more storage room:

Self Storage for Households

Affordable residential dwellings - especially in cities like London - tend to be small. Hence every available square foot is used as living space.

The result is that storage is often an issue, but moving to a larger premises is an option usually limited by cost. Moving to a property with an extra room can add as much as 20% to mortgage outgoings (and then you’ve got to find and buy one). That said, if you are intending to move self storage can be a brilliant staging post for the important belongings whilst you are between homes.

Households have all kinds of other items they might need to store. From seasonal sports equipment such as ski gear, surfboards, canoes and the like, to furniture such as garden seating or media such as CD’s and books. A self storage unit can be used for virtually anything connected with any hobby (with the exception of a few forbidden items)

Find out more about ABC Selfstore’s Personal Self Storage options, check availability and get a price.

Self Storage for Business

Businesses can benefit from self storage too. London office and retail space is expensive and rarely comes with storage areas that are large enough. A self storage unit can be used for all kinds of useful business storage needs.

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ABC Benefits Include

  • Competitive prices
  • Price promise
  • Only pay for the days you stay

There are so many benefits of storing with us - not only can you get free wifi, free van hire, your insurance all set up, packaging for your belongings but you can also get a cuppa tea and a biscuit, so you can have a little chill time in between moving your goods to and from your unit.

If you are still unsure then why not check out our guide to self storage or just contact one of our friendly staff at the store of your choosing and they will answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

From archiving documents to furniture and equipment, as a staging post during an office refurbishment or move, even as a stock room to increase storage capacity in times of high demand.

Whatever business you’re in self storage is a great solution if you need more storage space and we’ve made it as easy as possible to get storing with our unique ABC Selfstore Business Bundle.

Self Storage for Students

Student accommodation is notoriously cramped, plus you have to pack up and move out between terms. Self storage is perfect for creating extra space both during term-time and as a place to leave your belongings (rather than carting them all back home) during the holidays.

We’ve got some stellar offers for students - and you can get all the details of them here.

Pick a trustworthy storage company - ABC Selfstore

With so many storage companies to choose from in London, you need to pick one you can trust. We’ve been in business over 20 years (we were one of London’s first self storage companies) and throughout that time have maintained our place as industry leaders in service and value. Our Only Pay for the Days You Stay guarantee means just that (you’ll find no hidden charges - such as minimum storage term of a week or 1 weeks notice prior to move out - in our small print), whilst our like-for-like Price Promise ensures we won’t be beaten on price.

Great reviews and testimonials

Our customer reviews demonstrate our commitment to offering the best self storage in London - great prices, exceptional value and customer service that’s second to none. We ask every customer what they think of us - domestic, business and student - and we take it on board too. We’re proud of our hard-earned reputation which you can see for yourself here.

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