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Need a Space For Business Archiving? We Have Commercial Self Storage in London Just For You

Unorganised archve boxes piled high

For business archiving, storage and organisational matters, our London self storage units are the best in town.

Organisation is the foundations of any successful business. But, despite that, keeping your affairs neat, tidy and organised can be easier said than done.

And we offer three safe, secure and convenient commercial self storage locations in the big smoke for all of your business needs:

Now, we know that the mere thought of business archiving has the power to make even the most chipper among frown. But, when you’re running top London business, archiving is key - and if you need a safe, secure and affordable space to do so off-site, we're here to help.

With a selection of amenable self storage units of all shapes and sizes, we have the perfect space for all of your business archiving needs - and if you need to shift your documents and assets from A to B, we even offer our business customers free Zip Van hire.

ABC Selfstore for business archiving

When you’re talking about business-based self storage in London, we’re the cream of the crop - and our family-run business boasts 25 prosperous years in the industry.

Here at ABC Selfstore, you only pay for the days you store with us and as we are family-run, providing our customers the greatest standards of customer service is the beating heart of our entire outfit - it’s what we live for, so you'll be met a warm welcome, a steaming hot drink and an incredible deal to boot.

Also, as we like to help in every which way we can, we’ve put together a ABC 'Self Storage for beginners' page that will tell you everything you need to get the best from your self storage experience. Oh, and there’s even a downloadable PDF version of our self storage guide that you can read while on the move (we know you’re a busy soul).

“Really friendly and helpful staff. No pushy upsell and no minimum terms. Helped me understand what was available and let me decide what I needed.” - a review from one of our many happy ABC business customers.

During our 25 years in the self storage game, we’ve had more happy customers than you could shake a stick of bubble wrap at. And while we’re on the subject of praise, here’s a another testimonial from one of our wonderful ABC customers:

Why is ABC Selfstore the best for business?

Thank you, Jessica - we’re delighted to have you as part of the ABC Selfstore family - and we’re glad we can help your business flourish.

At ABC Selfstore, you can enjoy the kind of London self storage perks that are out of this world - you know, the sort you just don't see anywhere else in big city.

  • Zero notice: Pack up when and move on when you want without penalty
  • No minimum stay: Store for one single day if that's all you end up needing
  • Pay as you go: Pay for for the days you store with ABC: we also offer top long term deals
  • Insurance: We offer very competitive business insurance rates
  • Price Promise: Our commitment to value also covers packing materials
  • Van hire: Yes, as mentioned, we offer our business customers free Zip Van hire

And it goes without saying: No matter how long you’re a part of the ABC Selfstore business family, you'll be able to enjoy our superb standards of customer service from the moment you arrive to the moment you move onto ventures anew.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ABC Selfstore family soon - see you soon.

For the latest business rates and availability, head on over to our self storage bookings page.

Small, Medium & Large Business Storage

Business Self Storage - archive boxes on racks

As a rough guide - one of our standard small 'entry level' lockers could take 6 standard 35cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 30cm (H) archive boxes, with room to spare at the front for a few other bits and bobs. Making them ideal for a small business's archive document storage requirements.

If you need more room, then our smallest 15sqft small storage unit will happily take 36 standard archive boxes.

If that's not enough, our basic medium storage unit can take 125 archive boxes.

If you've lots and lots of archives then consider one of our large storage units, starting at 100 sq ft they provide plenty of room for even the most paperwork heavy of businesses.

10% Discount on Packaging Supplies

If you need boxes for documents we can help there too. Storage customers enjoy a 10% discount from our in store packaging shop.

Storage packaging supplies on sale in-store

Archive Storage Services

If you need regular access to all the contents of your archive boxes, consider extra space to move around storage racking for better organisation of your archives. Our archive storage services mean we can assist with installation of racking in your business archiving unit, talk to us if you need help organising what you're storing.

Our Business Bundle - is everything you need to get your Business Storage Unit sorted, a storage starter pack if you like. You can choose a store and unit size, get a price and reserve your unit right now using our left-hand sidebar.

And of course - you don't just have to use your unit for your archives. You could use it for stock, furniture, tools... in fact almost anything that you can't, or don't want to keep at your business premises.

ABC value really stacks up

We're not your run-of-the-mill storage company. With us, all unit rental is backed by our Price Promise, so you're always assured of the very best deal. like-for-like deal. Plus, we offer discounts for long-term storage (ideal for archiving) and we'll throw in Free Van Hire so you can get your documents to the store. But if you need someone to help with that, just ask, and we can recommend a good quality local 'man in van' removal specialist.

And if in future you decide you no longer need your storage unit (perhaps you're migrating your record keeping to digital storage) we'll always refund the difference for the days you have paid for but not used. With us there is no minimum term (with our competitors it is usually a week, sometimes a month) so that could be quite some saving.

Customer Service - the icing our cake

ABC sales staff helping customer with unit choice

All of our staff take pride in making sure ABC Selfstore customer service is second-to-none. It's been at the heart of our business philosophy since we began in 1993. We're justly proud that so many of our customers repeatedly tell us that we're walking the customer service walk.

See what they are saying on our testimonials below:

And we offer three safe, secure and easy to use commercial self storage locations across the city for all of your vital business needs:

ABC Camden

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ABC Southwark

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ABC Wandsworth

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