Christmas Present Storage

Christmas is rapidly approaching and if your present buying has already begun, you might be wondering where to put it all. Bikes, ride-ons, toys, gadgets, clothes, perfumes, games, bottles - you name it. By 25th December it will all be wrapped and under the tree with the name of a loved one on the gift tag. But where will you keep it in the meantime?

Store your Christmas Presents at ABC Selfstore

Obvious choices are under the bed, at the back of a wardrobe or in the loft (assuming you're lucky enough to have roof space). But none of those ensure it is out of sight and beyond the temptation of curious and prying eyes.

Here at ABC Selfstore we've got a sure-fire solution to where to keep your presents safe, sound, secure and (above all) secret. Our self storage lockers and small self storage units are the ideal place. Your secret store cupboard away from home, so to speak.

They're also terrific value. At ABC Selfstore we have no storage minimum term or early move out penalties (the majority of our competitors insist on a week, some even a month), So when the time comes to move out if you've any unused credit of your storage we'll simply refund it.

We call it our Only Pay For the Days You Stay promise - and it means exactly that - you'll never have to pay for your storage for a day more than you have used it.

To get a price for a storage locker of small storage unit, use the widget to the left. Pick your closest store, select your unit size, get a price and reserve your unit at no cost and with no obligation.

We're also renowned for our customer service, so you can be assured that during your stay with us you'll always get our utmost care and attention attention. But don't take our word for it - see what our current customers have to say.