How to Compare Storage in London

If you’re in need of extra space to store stuff, then self storage offers a simple, cost effective solution. It’s a convenient way to make more room without having to move to a bigger apartment, extend your house or buy more office space.

ABC Selfstore Camden

But self storage is a wide ranging term covering a huge variety of options. From top quality offerings from professional providers - to back street lockups advertised on the local supermarket classified board - they all offer rented space. But the differences in quality, security and accessibility are well worth considering and researching.

Like any decision when buying a product or service, it makes sense to compare self storage before deciding on the solution that’s right for you. But where do you start? You might compare self storage prices, the quality of space on offer or the all important terms and conditions. If you’re new to self storage or are just overwhelmed by it all.

Compare Physical Storage Space

Most storage operators will quote in square feet. What they don’t always tell you is how tall a storage unit is. That’s important, because in storage you can stack things up. An extra 3ft of headroom will mean a significant amount of extra space if you can rack or stack to make use of it.

Storage Security and Accessibility

A backstreet lockup might be cheap, but it could also be vulnerable: to intruders and the great british weather. Depending on what you’re storing that might suit your needs. Modern storage units in bespoke facilities tend to have secure card access (so only bona fide customers can get into the building) and 24/7 CCTV monitoring.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions can make the difference between what looks like a good deal and a genuinely great one. It can pay to scrutinise the small print. Minimum rental terms, notice periods and introductory discounts will all cost you more in the long run if they’re not the best available. Does the self storage company you’re considering charge by the day, week or month?

A small self storage unit
A large self storage unit

Offers and Prices

There are a wide variety of special offers to consider if you’re going to compare self storage prices in London. From ‘X’ Free Weeks or a month’s storage from just 1 pence - all kinds of deals are available to entice you in. If you are looking for a storage term beyond the duration of any offer it advisable to check the standard rental rate. Bargain introductory offers can also be outweighed by more expensive standard weekly fees. It is essential to look at the long term costs and work out just how much you’ll pay over your expected rental period. You should also compare the costs of specialist insurance for your self storage as it is unlikely to be covered on your home policy. Most storage operators can offer you a bespoke policy.

Additional Value and Perks

On top of everything else look for additional value and perks. Do the storage companies you are considering offer extras - such as Free Van Hire and refreshments. Do they offer discounts on packaging such as boxes, dust sheets and tape?

Compare Like with Like

Different places have different demand, and therefore different prices. No where more so than here in London. So if you’re out to compare storage London localities, then make sure you are comparing like with like. A storage unit in Wandsworth for example is likely to cost less per square foot than a more central location, such as King’s Cross or Camden.

Check customer reviews

Review sites like Google can give an insight into what you might expect from a company. Some of the more sophisticated storage companies even show customer reviews online.

Consider ABC Selfstore

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