Storage For Decluttering

De-cluttering is the process of getting rid of mess and disorder, clearing away belongings that are in the way and reclaiming space.

A garage full of junk that needs decluttering

From hoarders, to minimalists, DIYers to fengshuists - clearing out the clutter, tidying up the untidy can be a liberating experience. More importantly it can create all important feel good factor of extra room in your home.

Then there's the temporary need for storage - perhaps you're redecorating your flat or home and need space for short-term storage of furniture and furnishings. So whether spring cleaning, simply having a clear out, or de-cluttering for a purpose - such as selling your property - create some space to live and enjoy life.

Of course, not all of your stuff is only fit for the skip or tip. There will be some things that you might want to store away safely for the long-term. If you don't have a loft, cupboard or spare room that can be a tricky. Things that either hold a sentimental value or just might be worth something one day.

A self storage unit with us is the perfect way to de-clutter and keep those things safe and secure. It's a private, self-contained space that you rent, by the day to keep your things. And if you choose ABC Selfstore you'll only ever pay for the days you stay. We don't charge for early move out, or have a minimum term storage. We also offer discounts on packaging supplies.

Then there's our Price Promise. If you're offered a better like-for-like quote from one of our competitor's we guarantee to match it. That counts for storage insurance and packaging (which you'll find in our reception shop) as well. So you'll always be assured of the very best deal on storage at ABC Selfstore.

Our customer service is highly regarded too. So just because our storage usually works out more affordable it doesn't mean you'll get anything less than top-notch care and attention. But don't take our word for that. Have look at our customer service. Plus we've loads of those little-things extras that make a difference, such as free WiFi and refreshments in our receptions.

And our storage is flexible. You can access your unit as often as you like in store hours (just as if it was a spare room) with 24hr access available on selected units. You can move to a larger or smaller unit as needs must, with no penalty for changing your storage agreement, you simply pay for the square footage you are using.

Choose a London storage location, size up your unit, get a quote and even book your unit right now - with no obligation - using our online self storage pricing system.