What is Self Storage - ABC's guide for beginners

Around 70% of the UK public don't know much about self-storage. That's a big number - so we created this helpful beginners guide - just in case you are in the majority.

Self Storage for Beginners Guide

Self Storage for Beginners Guide

For a simple introduction about all you need to know about self storage, read our PDF Guide.

Put simply, you rent a private self-contained storage unit within one of our secure and conveniently located stores and only you hold the key.

You can access your self storage unit at any time during our opening hours (there's even 24hr access available on selected units at our Southwark and Wandsworth stores).

Only Pay for the Days You Store

The best bit is that with ABC Selfstore you only pay for the time you are storing – there's no minimum term – a feature you just won't find anywhere else. Our self storage units come in a range of sizes. Whether you need a 10 square ft locker or a 5,000 square ft unit, we can help make sure you only book and pay for the self storage space you need.

Once you're here we have covered loading bays as well as lifts and trolleys available for you to use and all our stores are dry and heated. You can change to a smaller or larger unit at any time (subject to availability of course) or end your stay without notice.

Affordable London Self Storage

Here at ABC SelfStore we offer unbelievable low cost self storage in London.

We've put together these mini-guides that answer the most common 'need-to-know' questions.

Ready to Store?

ABC Selfstore Camden exterior, storage units & a storage customer moving in

Once you are ready find out about self storage – you can check availability and prices online or give us call for a quotation.
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