Self Storage For Retail Stock

When it comes to stock for a shop or retail business there's plenty to think about. What's in your stock inventory already? How much can you sell? How much can you afford to buy in? What is the profit margin on your stock? How quickly can you get hold of more ? And - of course - where will you keep it?

A warehouse with 100's of coloured packets wrapped in cellophane

If you buy in stock at wholesale and sell at retail you'll need a place - between delivery and despatch or sale - to store it all. For traditional retail businesses with high street premises that's usually a conventional stockroom - but even those are under pressure.

With more and more businesses moving into on-line sales, finding a convenient and cost effective way to manage stock is ever more important.

Flexibility is key to everything. Retail can be a very seasonal business and you don't want to be paying for a square foot more storage space than you really need.

It's likely you'll need space that can expand and contract according to how much stock you need to store. You might be selling product that has a strong seasonal market but that shuts down for much of the year, or you might be selling something that's big and bulky, which means that once it's gone your storage needs change quickly.

That's where we come in.

Truly flexible Stock Storage, long or short term

Renting a Self Storage Unit with ABC Selfstore is about as flexible, convenient and cost effective as storage for stock can be. First off there's our Only pay for the days you stay guarantee. We'll always refund any days you have paid for but haven't used. Unlike our competitors we don't require notice before move out (the industry standard is 14 days) and we've no minimum storage term (with most other self storage companies it can be a week, sometimes even a month).

Whether you need your storage for the short or long-term we're happy to oblige.

Price Promise Guarantee

If you find like-for-like storage at a better price, we promise to match it. Find out more.

Safe and Secure

With round the clock CCTV, key-card entry and a unit that only you hold the key for, our storage units are as safe and secure so you can sleep soundly.

Delivery and Despatch

We can usually help with delivery and despatch too. If you use couriers for your business you can let us know of any deliveries or consignments you are expecting, or leave parcels at reception for despatch. That's handy if you can't be there yourself.

Manual handling equipment

We've a whole host of handling equipment available for you to use from our covered loading bays. From sack carts to box trolleys to pallet forks, you'll find a range of equipment to help you move your goods from your vehicle to you unit.

Legendary customer service

We're passionate about being the the best for our customers, so we like to ask them how we're doing. See what they're saying about us, live, from our customer database, read our customer reviews.

Choose a location, Get a price, Book a unit

You can size up a storage unit, choose a store, check availability, get a price and book a unit using our left-hand sidebar. If you'd rather speak to one of our friendly self-storage staff give us a call, we're always happy to help and advise you.

Find out more about self storage for business storage.