Short Term Storage

If you need storage space on a temporary or short term basis, a self storage unit is almost certainly the solution you need.

Maybe you need to make room for seasonal stock for an online business, or are desperate to find emergency storage because of an unexpected crisis. Perhaps it’s a house or office move driving your need, or home renovations meaning you need somewhere to store your stuff. Or you’re a student who needs somewhere to put your stuff whilst you head home for the holidays.

A self storage unit is a self contained room within one of our storage centres that you rent, by the day, to store your things. It’s secured with a padlock that only you have the key for and you can access your unit as frequently as you need (24hr access is available on selected units at Southwark and Wandsworth). If you’re new to self storage our beginners guide is a great place to start and get to know the ropes.

The Best Storage Deals

If you’re storing for a short time it’s well worth reading the small print. Conventional storage might require an agreement or lease that will see you tied into a timeframe that’s inflexible. If you only need the space for 6 weeks a 3 month lease would be a waste of money. Some warehouse storage facilities often require an appointment and additional fees to access your stuff.

With Self storage you can get to your stuff when you need it, with agreements that are flexible allowing you to have your room for as little or as long as you want.

Don’t Get Stung

Even in the self storage industry terms and conditions differ, so check the small print. Most self storage providers insist on a minimum term of 7 days, and require one weeks notice when you want to move out. That means you could get stung for extra days that you’re never going to use. At ABC Selfstore we have no minimum term - you Only Pay for the Days You Stay (we’ll refund you any days you haven’t used) and unlike most of our London competitors we require no notice on move out.

So for short term storage it’s hard to find a better value or more flexible option.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your need for space is, our standard terms are the best in the business for short term self storage.

Happier Households

If you’re moving house or making renovations to your property, self storage is a great stopping off point for your stuff. You can keep it safe and out of the way, whilst still being able to access it if you need to. Find out more about ABC Selfstore’s Personal Self Storage options, check availability and get a price.

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Better for Business

From an office move to a workplace makeover, or an unexpected event, your business might need hassle free short-term storage whilst you tackle the important stuff. So we’ve designed the ABC Selfstore Business Bundle to make life as easy as possible to get storing.

Shopkeepers - Stock More, Sell More

The ABC Selfstore Business Bundle is as good for shops as it is for offices. If you’re banking on extra stock for the new season and need extra space for it, a self storage unit with us will allow you to keep more - until you’ve sold out. If it’s sell out stuff and you can store more, you can sell more.

Smarter Students

At the end of term you could go to the effort of lugging all your stuff back home. Or you could nip down to one of our stores in Wandsworth, Southwark or Camden and put it in short-term storage. It’ll make the journey home much easier and your things will be safely stored until you need to reunite with them next term. We’ve put together some great deals for students - get all the gorgeous details here.

A Solid Track Record - ABC Selfstore

There are lots of self storage companies to choose from in London, so choose one with a solid track record, that can trust. We were one of London’s first and opened our doors in 1993. Despite being a family run and independent we’ve set the trend in technology, service and value. We were first with our Only Pay for the Days You Stay guarantee and it’s seldom copied, plus with us you’ll find no hidden charges in our small print. Then there’s our Price Promise which is your assurance that - like-for-like - we won’t be beaten on price.

See What Others Say

We ask all our customers what they think, so we can learn and improve. Find out what they say on our customer review page. We hope you’ll agree they demonstrate our industry leading approach to customer service and the best value in London.

Book Online, Phone or Pop in.

Check latest prices and book using our online booking tool. Alternatively you can call your nearest store (see our locations and contact numbers) or drop in and one of our sales advisors will be happy to discuss your requirements.