Large Self Storage Units

Large storage units are a safe, secure and a low cost way to find plenty of extra room in London. They are a versatile solution for business or personal storage that you can access easily and as often as you like.

Our large units range from 100 - 250 sq ft. That's plenty of space for most London houses and businesses alike. If you need a big amount of extra space - either short term or long term - then a large self storage unit could be just what you are after.

You can store whatever you like in your large storage rooms - just as long as it isn't illegal, flammable or perishable. For further details see out what can I store page.

Another large storage unit
A typical large storage unit

Our Large storage units are typically* 10 ft wide x 10 ft deep (100 sq ft), 12 ft x 12 ft 6 inch (150 sq ft), 15 ft x 13 ft (200 sq ft) and 20 ft x 12 ft 6 inch (250 sq ft) though actual sizes may vary between stores. Units normally have ceiling heights of 6 ft 5 inch but can be up to 9 ft.

Large Storage units for Business

A large storage room is perfect if you are a Business that has bulky items that you can't keep in your office or on site. Maybe you are a Bathroom and Kitchen fitter who needs somewhere to keep those suites and units before an installation. Or a trader such as a plumber, electrician or carpenter who needs space for tools and supplies.

You could be a business with a lot of archives or the digital revolution means you need somewhere to store your analogue library - be it film, record or print. Perhaps you're a sports retailer with seasonal sales swings - and you know you'll sell out of every pair of those sport-star-endorsed trainers you can get your hands on - if only you had the space for them...

A large storage unit is ideal for all types of businesses who need a significant amount of space that is both flexible and affordable. You can rent a unit from us on a short or long term basis as and when you need it.

Large Storage units for Personal use

Large storage units are equally useful for Personal storage. They're a popular choice as an interim location for families moving house carrying out removals. They're a great solution for executives being posted overseas who are either given up their rented accommodation or are looking to let out their home unfurnished - and need somewhere to store their contents. They're also just right if you've got a lots of 'boys toys' and need a big space to keep them in - a home for all your sports hardware.

Anything from surfboards, bikes, riding equipment, mountain boards, kites and snowboards to parachutes, canoes, skis and para-gliders.

We have Large Storage Units at all of our London locations You can check availability and get a price now, using the drop-downs in our left hand toolbar.

Another large storage unit
Inside an ABC large unit

24hr access is available on selected medium storage units at our Southwark branch.

Don't forget - unlike our competitors - we'll always refund days you have paid for but not used. With us you Only pay for the days you stay - there's no minimum stay and no notice to vacate. Plus it's all backed by our outstanding Price Promise

Self Storage Unit Sizes

We offer a range of self storage units from lockers, small units, medium units to large storage units as well as mezzanine storage units, drive up storage units and container storage units all in central London.

* All unit dimensions are approximate, individual unit sizes will vary.