Self Storage Units in London

Self storage units are a low cost way to create extra space whether for personal or business use. A storage unit is a secure, self-contained room, that you can hold the key for and can access as much as you like within our opening hours.

Business  self storage units with blue doors

With our self storage units there's no 'one size fits all' solution, you'll need a size that's right for you. At ABC Selfstore we have a wide range of sizes. That means that you can rent the room you need, without paying for space you don't.

You won't find a more flexible provider of self storage units in London - at ABC there's no minimum stay and no notice to vacate.

So - unlike our competitors - you'll only ever pay for the time you store and not a day more. Plus it's all backed by our outstanding Price Promise.

We've described the types of self storage units we offer below. Once you've got an idea of the size of unit you need use our online self storage pricing system to select the Unit Size you want and then click Get Prices or call your nearest store.

All storage unit sizes are available at all of our London locations unless otherwise noted.

Storage Lockers

Lockers are our smallest storage units. They vary slightly in size from store to store, but are typically about 3 ft wide x 3 ft 6 inch deep x 3 ft high.

They are perfect if you are looking for an affordable place to store things like luggage, backpacks or a couple of boxes of belongings.

Find out more about ABC's Locker Storage Units

A wall of storage lockers

Small Self Storage Units

Our Small Storage Units range from 15 - 35 sq ft. Again, actual dimensions may vary slightly between stores, but as a rule they are: 3 ft x 5 ft (15 sq ft unit), 5 ft x 5 ft (25 sq ft) and 7 ft x 5 ft (35 sq ft). Units are usually about 6 ft 5 inch high although some units are taller - with a 9 ft ceiling.

Typical unit uses include business storage of file boxes, temporary stock, or sports gear for schools and clubs. They are also ideal for personal storage of household and lifestyle belongings and small amounts of furniture.

ABC's Small storage units in London, available at all our branches.

Small storage unit

Medium Self Storage Units

Our medium storage units range from 50 - 85 sq ft. They're ideal for boxes and furniture. once again, exact sizes vary between stores, but as a guide they are: 5 ft x 10 ft (50 sq ft), 6 ft x 11 ft 6 (70 sq ft) and 9 ft x 9 ft 6 inch(85 sq ft) Depending on store and availability our medium units have heights of 6 ft 5 or 9 ft.

Typical personal storage customers include tenants moving between flats or storing belongings they have no room for, whilst common uses for business storage include office furniture, stock or archive files.

Medium storage unit

Large Self Storage Units

Our Large storage units range from 100 sq ft - that's enough to store the entire contents of a 2 bedroom house while moving - to over 250 sq ft, which is enough for a 5 bedroom house.

This kind of space is also ideal for Business Storage requiring plenty of room for archive documents, non-showroom stock (such as flat packed kitchens, bathrooms and other furniture) or temporary storage during an office relocation.

Our Large storage units are typically 10 ft x 10 ft (100 sq ft), 12 ft x 12 ft 6 inches (150 sq ft), 15 ft x 13 ft (200 sq ft) and 20 ft x 12 ft 6 inches(250 sq ft) though actual sizes may vary between stores.

Example large storage unit

Even Lower Priced Storage with our Mezzanine Units

We have a range of storage units including lockers, small, medium and large rooms located on our Mezzanine level. They're accessed via a small set of steps and because of that we charge less than our standard units. If don't intend to access your storage unit frequently, or the things you are storing are easy to move about then our Mezzanine Storage rooms are a real storage bargain.

Mezzanine units come in the same typical dimensions as our standard small, medium and large units above. All have a 6 ft 6 height.

Mezzanine units are only available at our Southwark Store

Example mezzanine level storage unit

Drive Up Self Storage Units

Drive up storage units are just that - units you can drive up to - a bit like a private garage. All of our Drive up storage units are large (ranging from 140 to 250 sq ft), have secure roller shutter doors and 24hr access. They are 8ft 6 inch in height at the front, dropping to 7ft 6 inch at the rear. This type of self storage in London is most suited to business users who prefer the flexibility of being able to drive vehicles up to the entrance to their storage for easier loading of large items.

Drive up storage units are only available at our Wandsworth Store

Drive up storage unit

Container Self Storage Units

Container storage involves renting a shipping container located alongside other containers (usually in an outdoor open space). We have container storage located inside our secure, CCTV monitored site. Our storage containers measure 8 ft x 11 ft x 8 ft in height.

Container self storage is only available at our Wandsworth Store

Example container storage unit

ABC Self Storage Price Promise

Don't forget - at ABC Selfstore all our storage units are backed by our Price Promise. Plus with us there's no minimum stay and no notice to vacate. So you'll only ever pay for the time you store and not a day more.

Please note : Unit sizes quoted above are only a guide and units are individually sized at each of our Stores. We normally quote unit sizes in “square feet” based on the width and depth of the unit. For example a 100 sq ft unit might be 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep.

Reserve now to secure the unit you need. When you move in we'll deduct it from your move-in costs. If you change your mind we'll refund it. So either way, reserving a unit now won't cost you an extra penny.

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