Booked it, packed it, stored it…

So the summer break is finally here, three whole months without having to study or bury your head in coursework. For some it means a summer job, for others a chance to head off traveling and see what the world has to offer.

Planning a student summer is a complicated task these days. There’s a lot to get sorted. Chances are – in amongst it all – you’ll be taking a trip on the accommodation merry-go-round, riding the carousel of lodgings. You could be heading home to your parents, trying to nab that spectacular new student pad before anyone else does, or saying ‘cheerio blighty, Sawadeeka (that’s hello) Thailand’.

Wherever it is you are going you need to think about your stuff. If you’re hot footing it back to Mum and Dad’s – can you cram it all in the Daewoo Matiz, or will there be space in train’s luggage rack for two super-sized suitcases – is it worth the hassle? If you’re lucky enough to be heading overseas you’ll need to travel light – which means finding a home for everything else while you’re gone. And however fancy that new pad, most student budgets dictate that swinging a rat will never be an option, let alone a cat.

One solution to managing your ‘stuff mountain’ is self-storage. Renting a private self-contained room – with your own padlock – that only you have access to. It’s like having your very own spare store cupboard with the added security features of a celebrity mansion.

Priya Cinar, ABC Selfstore Manager in Camden gives the following advice to students when choosing a company to store with, “Students are normally on a tight budget. So firstly, I’d say shop around – seek out the best deals – it’s a competitive market out there at the moment and there are some great deals to be found.”

“One word of caution though – beware dazzling introductory offers – check behind the small print as many operators tie you into minimum rental periods. Most storage companies have a minimum of 7 days notice – so if you’re 2 days into your 8th week when you want to move you stuff out you’ll end up paying for 9.  That might sound like a small amount, but it could be the next round in the student bar. Some operators even require a month’s notice – so you could end up paying for your storage long after you really need it  – that would be a whole night out!”

Storage units come in a range of of sizes – so it helps to have a good idea of how much stuff you have. Any Self Storage staff worth their salt will be able to help you estimate the size room you need.  From a locker to a larger room self storage can help cut your clutter this summer.

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