Making room for improvements

So the planning application was finally approved, the builders are booked to start next Monday and you made sure you remembered the extra large box of teabags from the supermarket. If you’ve never had building work done you could be wondering what else there is to sort – aside from that big bag of sugar you forgot to go with the tea.

Well let’s talk about dust for a second. We’re not talking the kind of house dust that a handy can of Mr Pledge and a quick wipe over with a yellow duster can easily remedy. We’re talking building dust. A fine grey powder so hard to shift that in 2012 you‘ll still be drawing smiley faces and writing ‘459’ messages to your other half in it.

Now you could cover everything in dust-sheets and hope for the best – that the tradesman’s size 13’s don’t leave any boot shaped modifications. You could be planning to move it all to another room in the house – assuming you’re lucky enough to have a spare room (especially if you’re in London). Regardless of whether your furniture is more Chippendale than Ikea or the artwork hanging your walls more  Athena than Michael Angelo – you might want to consider moving it all somewhere safe – like into self-storage.

If you do decide short-term storage is the solution it’s worth checking the small print. Building work has a nasty habit of overrunning – so you could find yourself needing a few extra days or even a week or two. Most self-storage companies charge by the month – so a building overrun of a week will cost you an extra month of storage – whether you need it or not. Of course – at ABC Selfstore you only pay for the days you stay.

If on the other hand you decide dustsheets are the only way forward well pop in and see us – we sell them too – and here’s a link that might help with those messages in the dust.

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