Watching your back … along with your head, neck, arms, legs…

In the third of our series of hints and tips on self storage we look at the steps you should take to avoid injury when moving your things in and out of your unit…

Self storing almost always involves lifting, pushing and stacking – and there’s usually some sweating, grunting and “left-a-bit…hang-on…right-a-bit” that comes with it.

If you’re moving heavy items into store then it’s worth taking some time to prepare yourself. We’re not talking about a 3 month body building course at the local gym here – just a good look at some of the guidance that’s out there on manual handling (the proper name for lifting and moving things).

There’s a lot you can do to reduce the chances of causing yourself a mischief when manual handling and they’re largely a question of good technique.

Before we get to the technique though – the best advice is to err on the side of caution. If you think moving something is beyond your limits – it probably is. So our advice is to get some help if you need it.  That could be in the form of a professional moving service (and we can recommend one that shares our passion for great service and value), or it could be asking a mate or two to help you out.

Once you’ve worked out what you can and can’t manage make sure that you (and anyone else you’ve roped in) understand the basics of lifting and moving.  It’s a common response these days to take the view that Health and Safety has all gone a bit overboard – but for manual handling there’s some really good advice that makes a lot of sense.  It won’t stop you moving what you need to move, but it should help you do it with a greatly reduced chance of straining yourself (or worse).

That advice is from the experts – the Health and Safety executive no less. So rather than reproduce it here’s a link to their booklet ‘Getting to Grips with Manual Handling’. Pages 6 and 7 are the ones we think are most relevant.

Happy storing. You can find out more hints and tips for storing on our website in our Self-storage for beginners section on our website [link]

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