Selling up, moving out

With Mortgage lending up more than 24% the housing market could finally be moving out of the doldrums.  What is clear is that selling a property is more competitive than ever – and when it comes to selling a house or flat there are plenty of ‘tricks of the trade’ to help buyers choose your property over one down the street.

There’s a whole heap of advice out there to take – from media personalities like Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsop of Location, Location, Location fame right through to consumer champions Which?

Close to the top of nearly every expert’s top-tips is de-cluttering – removing furniture and clearing away the personal effects to improve ‘space appeal’.That’s easier said than done. You need to find space somewhere else for all that stuff. What do you do if your parents loft is as good as 300 miles away and your local friends face the same challenges to you when it comes to being able to swing a cat in their ‘living’ room.

One answer is self storage.  Of course you don’t know if you’ll reach ‘sale agreed’  within a week, month or year so it’s worth finding a storage company that has a short minimum term agreement and most importantly ‘No notice on vacate’.  For most the minimum term of notice is a month –  if you’re one week into your third month when you complete you’ll be left paying for 3 weeks of storage you don’t need.

With ABC Selfstore in Camden, Wandsworth and Southwark we charge by the day, there’s no minimum term and you can move out whenever you want.   So if you get really lucky and sell your house in the first two months you won’t be end up being stung for more than the days you store.

Of course – it’s likely you’ll want to hang on to your storage until you complete and it’s time to move (why lug stuff back to the property only to have to move it out again) – and the same great value applies, however long your stay.

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