Things you are unlikely to see after the election … Part 2.

Okay, it seems that our early thoughts around an unlikely scenario post general election turned out to be not-so-unlikely. With the exception of Vince Cable becoming Business Secretary (rather than Chancellor of the Exchequer) we were almost spot on about the coalition government.

Maybe we should add Psychic consultancy the great list of customer extras you get in store at ABC Selfstore?  Somewhere the good folk of Camden and Islington, Wandsworth and Southwark can come to find out what destiny will bring them over the next month. We read runes for you would make a good strapline.

We’d have to adapt our methodology.  No tea-leaves or Tarot cards at ABC.  We reckon it’s all in the bubble wrap.  So what does therapeutic god of popping plastic predict for the coalition over the next year?

Well we’ve already seen the Daily Telegraph break yet another parliamentary expenses scandal – and a high profile cabinet member leave office.

“removal van for Mr Laws please… ”

It’s not just Iain Duncan-Smith that thinks he’ll be back though. We popped the plastic fantastic, beseeched the bubble-wrap and we think he’ll be back in the cabinet within the year, maybe sooner.

Stranger things have happened and you never know when the call will come.  So a sage choice in the mean-time would be to put the Law belongings into storage – preferably nearby at a convenient London location that charges by the day and has no notice on move out. That’ll be somewhere like ABC Selfstore in Camden then.

Come to think of it that goes for any Cabinet Minister with a yet-to-be-revealed-by-the-tabloids-skeleton-in-the-closet. If you’re worried you might soon be needing to ‘do a Mandleson’ and take a break from government for a while – then we’ll be able to help. We’ll even throw in some free Van Hire to help you save those expenses…