What do I do with all of that St.Georges stuff…

The England Football team are home early after another traditionally disappointing display from our squad of World-class players.  It seems no one explained to them that the World Cup is the best event for World class players to show off their World class talents.

If you – like us – got stuck into showing your support for our national team, it’s likely you’ll have adorned your house, car and probably body with various interpretations of the St George flag.  Last Sunday you might even have gone as far as having your face painted, squeezed countless lung-fulls of breath through a Red and White vuvuzela and chanted En-ger-land, En-ger-land. Oh, and probably shouted something we shouldn’t repeat here about the referee.

Following England’s swift exit we’re all facing a dilemma. Do we leave all the flags in place until the tournament has finished – or take it all down in protest at just how poor our team were?

Either way it’ll be consigned to storage until the next tournament England qualify for. Let’s hope that our World Class abilities resurface and it’s UEFA Euro 2012.