ABC Selfstore’s take on the Daily Mail article

Last week we spotted Mark Palmer’s article in the Daily Mail:

Small homes, lots of stuff…no wonder self-storage is thriving…

It’s a great piece which explains the dilemma for today’s small home owner – and how self storage presents an ideal solution.  But – as you might expect if you’ve experienced ABC Selfstore’s passion good honest value -there’s one thing that’s been grating us.  In the article Mark highlights, “I was paying more than £180 a month at Access for a 50 sq ft unit. …it was like having another mortgage” and goes on to highlight the tempting deals that ‘rue you in’.

Now, we don’t know quite how much stuff Mark had to store – but it occurred to us there’s a chance he’s fallen in to the classic over-estimation trap.  Understanding just how much you can fit into a storage unit is crucial in managing costs.  Of course, you can always size-up – if you need more space – and size down if you need less, but it pays to get it right first time and it’s much less hassle later.

Caring storage companies – like us – will help you make sure you get it just right.  As a starting point check out our space estimator – but if you’re still not sure talk to one of our team. They’ll be only too happy to help.

And don’t forget to check those terms and conditions.

Is there a minimum storage period or (like with us) do you only pay for the days you stay? That way, if you do need to scale up or down on your unit you won’t be stung with an extra fee. If you’re really lucky you’ll get some other helpful services thrown in – such as Free Van hire – to get our stuff to your storage unit.