Don’t forget the shoehorn – Luxury items Part 3

In joint first place for ‘most-popular-luxury-item-to-put-in-storage’ we have designer shoes, massive diamonds and (oddly enough) Jimi Hendrix’s guitars.  We’ll get to big glittery rocks and gods of rock later – so let’s take a look at the kind of footwear that the ABC Selfstore Ladies would pack into a storage unit – once space has run-out in their wardrobes.

Linda (our operations manager) says, “I’d have a shoe wardrobe filled with Gina‘s and Manolo Blahniks!  I’m a 38 in case you want to wave that wand.” Whilst Grace from our Wandsworth store would plump for “…christian louboutin shoes… as i have a great obsession for designer shoes.”

Now you might think that a few pairs of shoes isn’t much of a dream when money is no object. But these aren’t just any shoes – these are designer shoes – and stunning designs they are too.

Looking at Gina’s sparkliest offerings we can’t help thinking that maybe our ladies have missed a trick. Why not combine some massive diamonds with the sparkly shoes? They’ll look fantastic as you step out of Kash’s White Gold plated Bentley.