Kash’s Gold plated Bentley – Luxury items part 2

If you missed Part 1 – we asked members of our store teams what luxury items they’d keep in storage – assuming money was no object.

Kash – from our Camden store…

“My Gold plated Bentley with vintage champers and wine in the drinks compartment!”

Kash must have got his (white gold plated) Bentley from the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.  We’re not sure if you can just walk in and buy one though.  The standard GT Continental is £130,000 from a Bentley dealer, having it gold plated (and in white gold as well) would probably cost 10 times that.

As for Vintage Champagne – well it would have to be either a Juglar or Veuve Cliquot  – discovered in a wreck off Finland.
Estimated to be worth £44,000 a bottle – it’s still drinkable at 180 years old. You can’t get more vintage than that – and it’s a snip compared to that gold plated Bentley.

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