We went and saved the best ’til last… (go on, sing it) – Luxury items Part 7.

In part 3 we hinted at the most popular luxury item our staff would keep in storage – and , quite literally, it rocks. Well it would do – if the Rock icon that played it hadn’t died tragically young in 1970.  Yes, Hendrix’s guitars came out on top when we asked the ABC Selfstore staff what money-no-object-things-of-desire they would keep in a self storage unit.  Twang, Eeeeooooooooooo (that was feedback).

John – the one who keeps our systems running smoothly – chose the very first electric guitar to be given Hendrix’s trademark lighter fluid treatment at the end of a gig. This 1965 Fender Stratocaster recently sold for £280,000 after being flamed at the end of a show at the Astoria Finsbury Park – then stored in a garage in Hove for over 40 years. Any remaining residues of flammable liquid should be long gone – so it won’t be in breach of our prohibited goods policy.

Claire, from our York Way Store was marginally less specific, “if money and reality were no object I would be storing Jimi Hendrix’s vintage guitar.”
We’ll take that to mean one “Black Beauty” serial number 222625 – one of the few he didn’t flame.  Claire also got delightfully carried away with some reality-no-object-blue-sky thinking “…perhaps even Jimi Hendrix so I could get him out to play for events and special occasions!”

Still, it’s nice to dream.
Have a terrific 2011.