From Dinky to Darth Vader: Our Top Ten Toys

Nearly everyone has a favourite toy; something stored carefully in their attic, or maybe still wrapped in its original packaging for future valuation on the Antiques Roadshow. From a Dinky Toys’ London Routemaster bus, to Barbie and Action Man, there have been some highly collectable toys made over the years that are well worth looking after.

ABC SelfStore reckons the following Top Ten might well be worth stashing away safely for your grand-children. Not to play with of course…but more as an alternative pension plan, with the fun factor!

1.       Teddy Bear

It’s hard not to love a Teddy Bear, whatever age you are and some people have entire rooms full of teddies – the sentimental value is great and people can’t be let go.  But keep an eye out for Steiff bears, each comes with an identification mark and there is a global network of collectors who love `em to bits.  If looked after carefully they can fetch thousands of pounds.

2.       Star Wars Light Sabre

Is there anyone left in the world who hasn’t watched the You Tube clip of a boy merrily battling the Evil Empire with his imaginary sabre? In 2008 the actual sabre used by Luke Skywalker ( Mark Hamill ) in the first Star Wars movie sold at auction for £133,000. Star Wars memorabilia looks set to be valuable for a long time, so if the Force won’t protect you maybe ABC SelfStore can protect your favourite possessions..?

3.       Tracy Island

Tracy Island collectable toy

A FAB toy – Thunderbirds was the most successful puppet show of the entire TV output during the 1960s. The toys from the series were a success for Dinky back in the day and interest was revived by the famous Blue Peter model of Tracy Island in the 90s. Modern day Tracy Islands can feature a pool which slides back for TB1 to launch, plus voiceover recordings to play with and illuminated sections of scenery.

4.       My Little Pony

Yes, it’s a toy horse with hair you can comb, that’s all there is to it. But some of the early Hasbro produced ponies from the late 80s now fetch over £200 on e-bay and we found a mother and daughter who have a collection of over 2000 little ponies. Now if you fancy letting your spare bedroom in London to a lodger, instead of toy ponies, why not ask us to store those little cuties for you?

My Little Pony collectors hasbro toy

My Little Pony

5.       Barbie

She’s over 50 years old and still one of the most collectable dolls of the last two decades.  Are they worth much you ask? Yes indeed. In 2010 a Barbie was sold for over £200,000 at auction so if you have one at home make sure she is stored safely!

6.       Dr Who Dalek

If you have a more limited budget and are happy to play with life size models, then maybe a couple of full-size Daleks could be your thing?  A genuine ex-BBC Dalek was sold in 2010 for £20K.  They do take up a lot of room though, can’t go upstairs and are known to “exterminate” all those around them.  Let us know if you want us to keep them under lock and key.

7.       Batman costume

Who can forget Del and Rodney dressed as Batman and Robin in `Only Fools and Horses? There’s something about being dressed as the Caped Crusader that most boys find irresistible.  Now we’re not sure if this is still a toy, but for £900 you can buy an adult Batsuit, complete with body armour. Holy Fancy Dress!  If you want to keep your dressing up a secret from the neighbours, let us store it for you so you can access it only for special “missions”.

8.       Hornby trains

Hornby trains were first produced in the 1920s but since the mid-90s have been manufactured in China. The older ones do fetch serious money, with a `Folkestone Flyer’ selling for £6600 a few years back. Rare accessories, like a `Yellow Pages’ branded container wagon, could be worth investing in for the future.  But if you can’t face putting it away, why not use self storage space in London to indulge your passion?

9.       Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero game controller

Worth storing for the future – Guitar Hero

A few years ago Guitar Hero was one of the most popular games around, but it has now ceased production, making early editions – unplayed of course – likely to be future collectors’ items. Arguably the `Guitar Hero World Tour’ Guitar controllers, featuring custom guitar face panels will be the sought after items in the future. Store a few with us and let’s rock in 2030!

10.   Harry Potter action figures

There’s no denying the success of the Harry Potter films, books, toys, costumes and other merchandise. But it is likely that a collection of action figures, especially a limited edition boxed set, will always fetch serious money in future.  Be sure to magic it away somewhere safe!

Well, we ran out of space to mention, Action Man, Lego, Meccano, Slinky and a whole host of other toys – but we hope this little blog put a smile on your face. Remember, if you need to store anything ABC SelfStore in Camden, Southwark and Wandsworth are the friendliest, most professional storage experts in London.  We take care of the things you care about.

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