Great Storage Movie Moments

The humble self-storage unit, like our three ABC Selfstore units in London, isn’t generally a hang-out for Hollywood A-listers. But there have been some great movie moments set in atmospheric storage facilities.  If you don’t believe us, check out the ABC Selfstore top five below!

5. The final scene in Raiders of The Lost Ark

After all the adventures Indiana Jones goes through to find the Ark, including when the Nazis meet a sticky end, the Ark is crated up and placed in a vast, cavernous storage unit along with other strange and unusual relics – safely away from prying hands.

The final scene in Raiders was both a homage to Citizen Kane and a nod to the Area 51 conspiracy theorists, who believe that the authorities have evidence of alien visitors locked away in a secret facility or even the Holy Grail. ABC Selfstore aren’t located in Area 51 of course, we’re in sunny Southwark, cool Camden and wonderful Wandsworth and we’ve always got space for your Indiana Jones hat here.  We would also be happy to securely look after any rare artefacts you may have as well!

4. Chemical Weapons Storage Shoot Out in Goldeneye

Goldeneye was Pierce Brosnan’s first Bond movie and the scenes where Bond and his 006 sidekick Alec, played by Sean Bean, raid a Soviet chemical weapons facility set a gritty, dark tone for the film.  Bullets fly, 006 is apparently shot by the Russians and Bond escapes as explosions go off in every direction.

If you’re a fan of Bond movies, you’ll notice how dark and `industrial’ the opening feels. This is partly because the scenes were shot in what used to be a Rolls Royce car factory and storage unit in Watford.  Making Bond movies isn’t all St Tropez casinos and frolicking in Caribbean seas, but if they had used our ABC units they would have worked in a much friendlier, welcoming and secure environment – but then again perhaps they were after that grim and grimy Soviet atmosphere!

3. Full Metal Jacket

One of the best Vietnam war movies ever made, this classic 1980s flick was shot entirely in the UK, with Beckton gasworks doubling for a ruined village, an assault course built in Cambridgeshire and a disused storage unit in the East End of London becoming the US marines training barracks.

If you look closely in the training scenes you’ll notice how smooth the floor of the unit is, allowing the easy movement of forklifts or other crate-handling devices. Of course the beauty of filming in a storage unit is that the cameras can also glide smoothly across the floor.

Yep, we look at movies with a different eye at ABC Selfstore..!

2. Julia Roberts tries on costumes in Sleeping With The Enemy

OK, yes, we know technically that this isn’t a scene in a self storage unit. In fact Julia’s character Laura Burney, seems to have made friends with the world’s biggest budget, High School drama teacher, judging by the lavish number of costumes he has hidden away inside his theatre.

But the scene where Ben and Laura make friends and dance to Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl, as Roberts tries on a variety of meticulously stored hats, dresses, jackets etc. is a winner. It has the `dressing up’ fun factor and who can argue with that?

So if you have as many dresses as Julia Roberts, just need a place to store your old amateur dramatic, college fashion show outfits, or perhaps you have a range of Ascot ladies day hats that need looking after, then ABC will keep `em safely tucked away.  We know it’s all too easy to run out of wardrobe space, so book yourself a little extra room with ABC Selfstore. It’s cheaper than you think and you can also access daily.

1. Clarice Starling investigates a storage unit, in Silence of The Lambs

When agent Starling is given a tip-off, in the shape of the `look deep within yourself’ clue Dr Hannibal Lecter offers, she discovers the Your Self unit in Baltimore.

It’s a truly tense scene, in a modern masterpiece of scary film-making, as Jodie Foster gets no help from the unit owner, or his chauffeur. Starling nicks her leg scrambling inside the unit, then has to use her torch to illuminate the distinctly creepy items stored within. You feel her bravery and vulnerability at the same time as she looks inside an old car…

Is it the greatest self storage scene in the movies? We reckon it could well be – we get chills anyway!

You are probably not looking for a film set or even a scary environment to store your belongings, but if you are looking for safe, secure, extra self storage space then get in touch with ABC Selfstore in Wandsworth, Southwark or Camden.  We can look after pretty much anything for you, from furniture to business records, antique clocks to vintage 78rpm discs. What’s more, you don’t have to book a minimum storage period, there are no hidden charges and we have all the boxes, packaging, van hire, insurance etc. that you need.

If you’re baffled about the space you might need, we can give you an accurate estimate based on years of storage experience, so you’re always renting exactly the right sized unit. Great service, fair rates – that’s the ABC Price Promise!

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