Props, sets, costumes and other production paraphernalia – part 3

Mini's in the Italaian Job - where are they now?

Italian Job Mini’s

The Italian Job Mini Coopers are one of the most iconic set of vehicles ever to grace the silver screen. In symbolic red-white-blue they provided the centrepiece car-chase in what’s fondly regarded as one of the all-time great comedy crime capers. But where are they now…? 

Firstly – as you might expect when spinning, crashing, jumping and throwing vehicles out of the back of a bus they got through quite a few more minis than the three featured int the chase. The production crew bought 6 Mini Coopers and an extra 25 Mini’s from Switzerland – including some regular mini’s dressed up to look like Coopers. They got through a lot…

In his must-have-for-any-serious-fans-of-the-italian-job book, ‘The Making of the Italian Job’ author Matthew Field quotes Ken Morris – one of the last crew members to leave Italy. Morris recalled there were 6 surviving Mini’s with 30 sets of Mag wheels.  “All I did was head out of the garage, lock the door and head for the airport…”   So who knows – somewhere, in a lock-up garage in the vicinity of Aosta they may still be there.  Treasure hunt anyone?

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