Props, sets, costumes and other production paraphernalia – part 4

In part 4 of our look at Props, sets, costumes and other production paraphernalia we use the force… and look at the Lars family Land Speeder.

OK – this one is not strictly speaking a prop that is ‘in storage’ – but forgive us our twisting of the rules a little, because it is very cool.   It’s the Lars family transport – an X34 built by SorroSuub Corporation, commonly known to most of us as Luke Skywalker’s Land Speeder.

The Star Wars Land Speeder prop was built over a fully functioning car chassis – allegedly a Reliant Robin three wheeler. Cinematic trickery – including the use of conveniently placed foreground objects (such as rocks), the use of a mirrored ‘skirt’ and mounting to a lateral crane – gave the illusion that the speeder was floating – the net effect of its fictitious anti-gravity repulsor engines.

The real speeder is currently touring science museums in the USA as part of the “Star Wars – Where Science Meets Imagination” traveling exhibit from the Museum of Science, Boston.
So it must get stored between shows. Well, that’s our excuse.

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