Self storage, it’s simple really…

Having been in the business a long time we’ve learnt not to be surprised that there are still an awful lot of people who haven’t heard of self-storage. Occasionally, it helps to explain what’s involved and how it can make a big difference to your domestic life. So here goes…

If your home is wall to wall with your personal effects, stacked to the ceilings with the trappings of modern life or you just want be a bit more minimalist (and let’s face it in London – it is probably one of those) self storage is a cost-effective answer to freeing up some of that space. Put simply you rent yourself a secure, self-contained spare room in a big building full of lots of other secure, self-contained spare rooms. You can use it for all the things you don’t need everyday or for one reason or another want to hang on to. It could be anything – your Ski and Snowboard Kit, an eccentric collection of 5,000 smoking pipes or your 50 ‘Winners of Eurovision’ newspaper clipping scrapbooks (that you’re sure will be worth something one day). There are some sensible exceptions to what you can store – anything illegal, perishable or flammable – for obvious reasons.

It’s called self-storage because getting your stuff to/from your storage unit is down to you. Find a good provider and you might be lucky enough to get Free Van Hire thrown in. Of course – once you’re there – the self storage depot should have have a good selection of trolleys to get your stuff to your unit.

You decide how much room you need (though – again – any half-decent self storage will be able to help you with that) and sign a storage agreement. Most self storage providers charge by the week – but some tie you into a month with your agreement and require notice before you can move out. That means you can end up paying for weeks you don’t use. Oh, and you’ll also need insurance for the items you have in store.

As with most service providers, look for the ones that give best value – only pay for the days you stay, no notice on move out and other freebies such as free van hire – and are highly rated by their existing customers.

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