Scuba diving, snowboarding or glamping; what’s your holiday heaven?

Activity hols are great aren’t they? Escape the hustle ofLondon, chill out on the ski slopes, or maybe do some wind-surfing in the Med. Heaven.

But if you’re into holidays where the right gear is always needed, but you live in a small flat, or shared house, then safely storing your holiday gear could be a problem.

Here’s a few ABC tips on stashing your stuff, rather than cramming it into your Dad’s shed, where sleepy hedgehogs, spiders or assorted other bugs may decide to camp out in your holiday essentials– nasty!

  1. Dry, clean, undamaged gear works better.

Take scuba diving for example;  great sport but sub-aqua equipment needs looking after – your life depends on that air tank, plus assorted valves and pipes working properly under the sea. Your mask, wetsuit, flippers etc are expensive items too. So keep it all in tip-top condition in an ABC Selfstore unit. Don’t forget to wash everything first in non-salty water, and thoroughly dry each piece of kit, before packing it as carefully as possible.

Much the same can be said about any water-based hobby kit; windsurfing boards, wetsuits, water skis etc. It all needs care and attention to make sure it’s 100% safe, clean and ready for next season.

  1. Big items can cause even bigger problems in your home.

Now, we at ABC Selfstore love massive stuff obviously; giant carnival costumes, enormous musical instruments, or even a 1/6th scale model Spitfire. We’ve seen, and stored, it all!

But the sad truth is, some flatmates might find coming in from work and having to push past a canoe to get into the kitchen, a bit of a pain. Close family can fall out after one of your skis slides off the top of the wardrobe again. Not good is it?

So consider storing these lengthy, bulky, or just plain BIG items. It’s cheaper than you think; you get 24 hour access in some of our ABC units and there’s no minimum stay. So if you love harmony in your living space and need to de-clutter, you know who to call.

  1. Carry on Camping

From a fun family weekend, to the rocktastic vibe of Glastonbury, camping has made a real comeback over the last few years. But storing a larger size tent, plus assorted rucksacks, pegs, cool box, air-bed, torch, wind-up radio etc can be a problem.

 True, you could chuck in the back of your Dad’s shed and yes, it’s cheap storage there, but on the downside, several species of creepy-crawlies will love living in your camping gear, plus Dad may accidentally spray Cuprinol over your groundsheet whilst proofing the shed timbers…oh dear.

The solution is renting a little locker with ABC Selfstore. Clean your tent properly, pack it away in the bag, and chuck in a couple of those silica desiccant sachets you see in shops too. Helps stave off any damp you see.

If you love the outdoor life, and you’ve invested in some quality kit to make your rockin’ weekends that little bit `glamping,’ then it makes sense to look after the tents and gear in the winter. Holidays are all about memories; the people, the places, but sometimes that crucial bit of kit is part of your ticket to ride as well – so look after it for next time.


Whatever is you holiday heaven, let us safely and securely store your precious items until they are needed.  We offer safe, secure, extra storage space with bases in Wandsworth, Southwark andCamden. If you’re confused about how space you may need, we can always give you an accurate estimate from our years of storage experience.

Give us a call today on 0800 046 1955 for more information.

Oh and don’t be a stranger, send us a postcard..!




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