Top Ten Things You Would Never Throw Away

If you explored any house, it’s almost certain you would find the most bizarre items that families refuse to throw away. People hold onto the weirdest and wonderful objects for sentimental value, but what are the most popular things we always seem to hang onto?

ABC Selfstore has done a quick Top 10 of things you will never throw away, and rightly so in many cases, so if you don’t have room in your home anymore, you can always store them at one of our self storage spaces in Wandsworth, Southwark or Camden.

10. Old fancy dress costumes

We have all been to at least one fancy dress party and if your Halloween or 70s style outfit was a hit, you might decide to hang onto it. Nobody has old fancy dress costumes scattered around their house though, well not most anyway, so why not store your precious Batman or Wonder Woman outfit with us, so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space in your basement or attic?

9.  Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations are one of the things you may only buy once in a lifetime, and hang onto forever. I’m sure we all have some of the same decorations from 10 years ago, and stubbornly refuse to throw away our old baubles or fairy for the tree.

If the decorations have a sentimental value, it might be a good idea to tuck them safely away with ABC Selfstore, to make sure everything’s just right next Christmas.

8. Items from Granny’s house

If your Grandparents are downsizing and giving away some family heirlooms as they move into a smaller house or flat, it’s wonderful to have a table, chairs, bookcase or something that always reminds you of your childhood.

But if it’s a bit difficult to find space in your house for those bulky items, then ABC Selfstore can help. By using one of our storage spaces you can keep a little reminder of all those happy times at Granny’s house.

7. Holiday items

Do you remember when we went snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef?

No, me neither. But if this was your dream holiday from a few years ago, it’s guaranteed you still have the snorkel set and flippers somewhere in the house. And that’s not all, what about sun chairs, beach umbrellas, cool boxes, buckets & spades etc from a typical family holiday?

The Brits are notorious for our holiday souvenirs too, so if you’ve collected all kinds of bits and pieces on your travels, and want to hold onto the memories forever, without creating a mess in the shed, we’re the people to call.

6. Childhood toys, games and books

When it comes to items from your childhood, for some reason we just cannot seem to let them go. We may never use the old Sega Mega Drive or read our old comics anymore, but chuck them away, you must be mad!

There’s also your favourite childhood book, we all had one, and mine was the Diary of Adrian Mole, which I seem to have misplaced. These are items you can truly treasure forever, and keeping them in storage is the ideal way of hanging onto them, without annoying the parents who say you’re too old for your first teddy bear anymore.

5. School reports

It’s one of the great mysteries of family life; why do parents keep our old school reports?

Whatever the reason, they do and it’s one item that will be present in the majority of homes right round the country. The first gold star or 10/10 for a test is something parent’s treasure and the school report is a summary of all our little achievements right from toddler to teenager.

When the time comes, and there’s no longer room in the attic for the big box of school reports, photos and cycling certificates, parents can look at storing these precious memories in one of our secure spaces. Keep those school reports to share with the next generation in the years to come, it’s part of your family history.

4. Your first bike

Everyone remembers their first bike, surely?

It’s one of those magical moments in life, long before ever putting the key into the ignition of a car; you finally pedalling down the road without the stabilisers or falling off.

The good thing about bikes is that if taken care of properly, they can last for a very long time. Some families even pass on old bikes to a new generation, which saves some pennies and also makes it almost a family tradition to learn on this BMX or Barbie bike.

The time may come when your garage is filled with a car, and there’s no room for your precious old bike anymore. Have no fear ABC Selfstore is here, and we can store your golden bike until your own children can experience that same feeling of two-wheeled freedom as you did.

3. Baby clothes

This is definitely a mum thing; if you asked your parents if they still had any of your baby clothes, they would say yes.

It’s a tradition around the world for the latest addition to the family to wear particular christening clothes, or see some hand-knitted bootees handed down from one generation to the next. Unique baby clothes like these shouldn’t be thrown into a wardrobe, so the sensible option would be save these tiny tots outfits in one of our storage spaces, until the time comes that they will be needed again.

2. Your favourite chair or furniture

So the girlfriend or boyfriend has finally asked you to move in with them, but what will happen to your favourite lazy boy chair?

You have been told in no uncertain terms, that it will not be welcome in your new home. It can be one of the major arguments for couples set to move in together, what happens to the extra furniture?

Easy, you can store your favourite chair or any other beloved furniture in one of our storage units in Wandsworth, Camden or Southwark. Maybe you can sneak it back into your new home at some point, when the other half isn’t looking?

1. Your Wedding dress  

Easily the number one sentimental item for happily married women has to be their wedding dress from the day they tied the knot.

This could be for a number of reasons; some brides hope that their daughter will wear the same bridal gown on her special day, whilst other ladies want a reminder of their wedding day, or just can’t bear to part with such a beautiful dress.

It’s safe to say the bride will be very reluctant to throw it away after the honeymoon. So when the husband suggests the dress could be stored safely, there’s only one place that springs to mind; ABC SelfStore. Here she can safely pack away all her wedding day memorabilia, from a slice of the wedding cake and photos right up to the booklet from the wedding ceremony. The bride can even pop in anytime to try on the dress and relive that special moment again.

Is this the top item you would never throw away? We reckon it is – but this probably depends on whether you’re the bride or the groom.

So if you have finally run out of space in your house, garage or even garden shed, ABC SelfStore have plenty of secure lockers to hold whatever you want storing.

We offer safe, secure, extra storage space with bases in Wandsworth, Southwark andCamden. If you’re confused about how space you may need, we can always give you an accurate estimate from our years of storage experience.

Give us a call today on 0800 046 1955 for more information.

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