Apartment Life: Make The Most of Your Storage Space

Did you know that the most expensive apartment in the UK was sold a few months back for £136 million? That was One Hyde Park and if you’ve won the lottery, you may have the deposit on such a fantastic address. But wherever your apartment is located in theUK, here are a few tips on getting the best from city life.

(By the way, if you do need to store a few things before you move into your new London penthouse, then come and see us in Wandsworth, Southwark or Camden!)

When it comes to space, think up, down and sideways.

There’s no denying that living in a flat or apartment can be fun and offer lower heating and lighting bills than a house. But space can be tight, especially if you have a few collectables, lots of clothes, or are downsizing from a bigger place. Our tip is to think laterally when it comes to storage space and draw up a plan, detailing which part of your flat is devoted to sleeping, eating, lounging about or working.

 For example, do you need a home office area with desk, drawers, in-trays etc? Maybe you could have a small desk inside a wardrobe, then when you’ve finished working, just slide the door shut and the clutter isn’t on show to everyone in your flat? Don’t forget that if you need somewhere to store a document archive, ABC Selfstore is always there to take those bulky bits of paper away.

A room with a view

London apartment with views and storage space

A dream apartment in London has storage space and great views!

It’s easier to live in a small space with a lovely view. It could be London by night from the 5th floor, or the buzz you get from being close to riverside shops and cafes. If you can’t find a place with great views, you can always get creative and paint your walls in bold, bright colours, maybe add a mural, or a classic, inspirational view as a giant photo or framed painting.

De-clutter and feel a million times better

Ask a group of younger blokes living in a `lads pad’ kind of apartment what the biggest problem will be and they might answer; `Lack of beer space in the fridge.’ But research suggests ongoing mess and clutter are people’s biggest bugbears when living in smaller spaces. The answer is to be ruthless when living in a flat; chuck out stuff on a regular basis, or at least decide what absolutely must be kept – then store it away for the future. But if you’re stuck for space, we have three units just waiting for your old guitars, retro vinyl collection, skis, snowboards, motorcycle riding gear or anything else that people keep tripping over on their way to the bathroom…

                Choose a building at the centre of things

 Location, location, location is the old saying when it comes to buying property and it’s kind of similar when renting, especially if there’s nowhere to keep a car. For example, if you chose to live at One Park West in Liverpool you’d find a radio station studio inside the building, communal roof gardens to chillax in during the summer and Liverpool One shopping and leisure development right on your doorstep.

One Park West apartments

There's a buzz from living in a city

It’s the same approach in London, if you can’t quite afford to live with the billionaires in Knightsbridge, then try and get a place where there’s a vibe, a genuine buzz that makes you feel part of something.

                Don’t stress the small stuff

There’s always a solution to most problems, so long as you can step back and look at things with a fresh pair of eyes. Stuck for somewhere to stash your vintage clothes? Try a vacuum packed suitcase or two. Running out of space for your jewellery and knick-knacks? You could just take a small locker sized storage space at one of our sites or get a set of plastic boxes and keep some emergency bangles `n’ baubles in one of your divan bed drawers.

There’s a versatile way of storing all kinds of things and if you ask our friendly staff at ABC Selfstore inCamden, Wandsworth or Southwark, they’ll be happy to supply you all sizes of boxes or tips on packing stuff away safely – it’s what we do!

Give us a call today on 0800 046 1955 for more information.

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