Top Ten Things to Store for a Rainy Day

One of the toughest things about moving house is throwing lots of bits and pieces out. Sometimes things seem outdated and yet, you quite fancy hanging onto them – just in case they could be worth a small fortune in future.

ABC Selfstore has put together a Top 10 list of things you might want to store for a rainy day, which we can look after at one of our self storage spaces in Wandsworth, Southwark or Camden.

 10. Nokia 9000i mobile communicator

Remember this beauty? Arguably the very first Smartphone, the 9000i was a mobile that folded out and became a little computer. Well, sort of computer, as back in the late 90s you couldn’t find much Wi-Fi to receive an email, or a fax – yep, it downloaded a fax to your phone.

Nokia collectable mobile phone 9000 communicator

The way Smartphones used to be: Nokia Communicator

The Nokia 9000 cost an absolute fortune back in the day, which made it quite a rare handset. That scarcity could well make it a collectors’ item one day, just like the Hewlett Packard PCs, which are also on the way out. Technology is changing fast and although you could store a vintage PC or phone collection at home, you might want to make sure nobody in the household sends them off to Mazuma one day by mistake!

  Like any collectable item, ABC Selfstore recommends that you store your retro phones, complete with original charger, handbook and box. The more original and unused it looks, the more likely it is to be a future treasure.

9.  Something from the pub

Sad to say, many great British pubs are closing down for good, as we drink at home in larger numbers. Now you might not be able to bag the actual pub sign to hang outside your shed, or fit the 22ft long bar from the Royal Oak inside your lounge. But what about the bell that called last orders, a couple of engraved windows, or a set of well-worn bitter pumps? Often this stuff is simply thrown in a skip when a pub is demolished, or converted into flats, so grab a piece of vanishing British culture and store it away in Wandsworth, Southwark or Camden. When you retire and open that dream poolside bar area, those bits of memorabilia will add the authentic touch.

8. Amy Winehouse singles on vinyl

Amy Winehouse is one of those artists who only come along once or twice in a generation and collecting her music on vinyl seems more fitting somehow, after all, the girl was the essence of retro 60s cool.

It’s likely that her label will release various limited edition box sets, 12 inch and 7 inch stuff in the future, so if you’re a fan, the vinyl voice of Amy is the way to go. Of course vinyl records need to be stored in cool, dry places, otherwise you get problems, so call us at ABC Selfstore and we’ll keep your rare grooves in tip-top condition.

7. A camera that shoots film

It’s a digital world today, with cameras everywhere. But back in the day, a good SLR camera, which shot roll after roll of transparency slide film, was the peak of photographic technology. Cameras like the Nikon Rangefinder S3, produced in 2000 as a tribute to the original 1950s Rangefinder, are definitely worth hanging onto. You can pick up something like a Canon EOS 500, with a lens and the original strap, manual, box etc from about £30, which is a whole load of technology for the money and the start of your own vintage camera museum maybe!

 6.  Future Vintage Clothing

There are pop up shops, eBay sites and all kinds of niche retailers specialising in vintage clothing these days, so it’s a safe bet that some of the more distinctive fashions of today will be sought after in future. Our advice is go for the designer label stuff, with classic lines and obvious high standards of manufacture – people will always want a beautifully made leather jacket or a hand-tooled belt for example. So once you’ve run out of wardrobe space for your retro fashions, why not give us a call at ABC Selfstore? We’ve got plenty of room for dedicated followers of fashion in Wandsworth, Southwark and Camden Town.

5. Eddie Stobart toys

Generations ago, young boys collected Dinky and Corgi toys and now many adults do the same thing, but build their collections around more modern vehicles, such as the famous Eddie Stobart trucks. The great man himself has passed away sadly, but the limited edition toys, complete in their original packaging make a fun investment for the future. Our ABC Selfstore facilities in London are roomy, so there’s plenty of space for all your limited edition `Rock Steady Eddies.’

4.  Electric guitars

There’s something fascinating about a well crafted electric guitar, which just makes you want to pick it up and strum away, even if your musical ability isn’t that brilliant. The interesting thing from a collecting point of view is that many guitars are unique, customised instruments. Even a brand new one can feature hand-sanded wood, custom pick-ups and little design touches that really set the guitar apart. Because it is made from wood, an electric guitar isn’t something you’d simply chuck into a damp garage or shed, but rather store in cool, dry conditions to preserve its original tone.

Whether you’re storing a few guitars to hand on to your children or grand-children, who may be part of a superstar rock band of the future, ABC Selfstore can help.

3. Football shirts

Football is a sport that attracts truly devoted fans, with many supporters having their team’s logo, or star players’ names tattooed onto them. A collection of team shirts, with various home and away kits, limited editions, and not forgetting the ultimate prize – shirts signed by the players themselves – makes for a fun hobby and perhaps a nice little investment for the future. As the legendary Alan Partridge might say, `Back of the net!’

 2.  Telephone handsets

Trimphone replica

The Trimphone - no 70s retro pad is complete without one

Will the telephone handset go the way of the fax machine? Quite possibly. As more people switch to using mobiles only and really only need a landline for the internet services, rather than make calls, fewer people will need a handset. Of course the older BT type phones, especially 70s style Trimphones, or the classic Bakelite `finger dial’ type are already highly collectable. The great thing about collecting handsets is there are plenty around, but as regards value, it could be a long time before they are worth serious money.

1.       Home furnishings

We tend to live in smaller homes and apartments nowadays, but everyone likes to personalise their pad with all manner of lighting, pictures, handmade glassware, uber-cool coffee tables and so on. Some of these items could well become iconic pieces of home furniture one day, as valuable as Lalique lighting, or an iron bedstead.

So think twice before selling your highly prized home furnishings – they could be worth a fortune one day. Instead, think about storing it with ABC Selfstore London.

Three secure units, friendly faces and great rates. Pop in and see us sometime.

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