Celebrities love their storage units

Twilight star Robert Pattinson admitted this week that he is `a secret hoarder,’ and simply can’t throw stuff away.

Robert Pattinson Twilight star secret hoarder

Rob Pattinson loves his storage units

The 25 year old movie actor says he has an obsession with books and clothing and because of his jet-set life he stores his bits and pieces at various units all round the world. Robert told the press;

“I have piles and piles of clothes. I try to visit the storage units every two years and throw some things out, but I end up repacking them all away again.”

No Twilight fans, sadly we don’t have any of Robert’s old shirts or suits stashed away in our Camden, Southwark or Wandsworth storage units. But if you’re reading Rob, we do have a spare celebrity locker, just for you!

It seems celebrities can’t live without their storage, which is kind of understandable if you have lots of classic cars, awards, free clothes and gadgets being dropped off by your PR people and so on. Where else can you put your collectibles and genuinely treasured items, except in storage?

British Radio 2 breakfast DJ Chris Evans has one answer – build your own museum.

Chris famously has a passion for classic Ferraris and built a museum especially for his cars, painting it white, installing a white piano, then reportedly painting the cars white too, so that everything matched. The biggest car museum we know about is Jay Leno’s famous `Citizen Kane’ style aircraft hangar, packed full of motorcycles and fast cars. We’d love to help Jay, but ABC can’t store anything with an engine & fuel.

The thing about most A list celebs of course is that they are always on the road. So a city like London is just a stop-off on a global tour for Rihanna, or a film premiere photo call for George Clooney perhaps. We can see why you might keep just a few favourite things handy in storage for those fleeting visits. Why pay all those excess baggage charges if you can store in safely in South London?

What are the most unusual items in storage by any celebrity? That’s a tough one. We have heard rumours that a female rock star from the 80s and 90s has the negatives from various `racy’ photo sessions tucked away, whilst 70s movie star Burt Reynolds apparently has the canoe used in `Deliverance’ stored in the USA.

Now we don’t live the celebrity lifestyle here at ABC Selfstore, but that said, we do have room for a canoe. Or even ten canoes and fifty paddles. So if your London flat or house is being overwhelmed by an avalanche of stuff, then have a browse around our website – we love to store things. It’s what we do.

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